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Well hello to you! I have recently finished reading Paige Toon’s latest novel ‘The one we fell in love with’ and thought I would do a little book review for you.


This latest release from Paige is her 11th novel (excluding her YA series) and I can still remember picking up a copy ‘Lucy in the sky’, Paige’s debut novel. And now it’s her 11th book, how time flies!

I was keen to give this a read as I’m a fan so wanted to get my nose stuck right in. Though I want to be honest and say that I really struggled with one of Paige’s novels ‘Thirteen weddings’. I’m no author, so I can’t comment from that angle, but as the reader I really couldn’t get into it and ending up abandoning it (so sorry Paige!). There was something about the writing style that just didn’t grab me. 

So I was a little hesitant, but hopeful that ‘The one we fell in love with’ would be great and worth the read.

And it was. I tend not to read the blurbs as I like the book to be a real surprise and I worry sometimes the blurbs give away too much of the story.

And as I don’t want to give too much of the story away as I hope you may give it a go, but this is what the blurb says (please skip past if you are like me and don’t want to know!):

As there are three main characters it kept me on my toes remembering which sister had which storyline, but it makes sense as the book progresses. ‘The one we fell in love with’ isn’t as fluffy and light as some books that I have read in this genre, but that’s not saying it doesn’t have it’s lighter moments.

To me I found the vibe of the story had an angsty feel, making me feel like something bad or upsetting would happen at some point in the story. That isn’t to be taken as a criticism more how it made me feel. 

That said it kept me wanting to read it and was indeed a Paige (see what I did there!) turner.

I felt that Paige has created three distinctively different characters, despite being triplets and had developed the relationships they have with each other in a very believable way. I’m sure if you have an sister you can relate!

The love interest Angus sounded like a bit of a dish but isn’t your knight in shining armour romantic lead. Angus has his flaws and develops as a character throughout the story.

As I said before I don’t want to delve too much into the storyline as I want you to find out about what lies in store for the three sisters but suffice to say there is drama, love and hope throughout the chapters.

I felt like I went on a journey with the characters throughout the book and felt a good sense of closure at the end. I can’t stand a novel when it leaves it on a cliffhanger or an anti climax, I like a story to have a beginning, middle and an end. #closure

I would definitely recommend you give this a go if you have previously read Paige’s books before or want to give her a try if you haven’t yet discovered the wonders of Paige’s books (I mean anyone and everyone should read it- btw this isn’t sponsered, I just think it’s worth the read!).

My personal favourite (other than this) of her previous books is One Perfect Summer, so totally compelling and well written story.

If you have given this a read, I would love to know what you thought! Feel free to share your comments below!

You can find about Paige here.

Lot’s of love,

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