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There’s one website that I think sums me up completely. And that’s Modcloth. Modcloth is an American online store, that stocks a whole cornucopia of goodies. From cute, girly and vintage style clothes to adorable and fun home ware. I think it’s so me.

So I thought I would pick out some of my favourite items they currently stock on their website. I have just done this for my own pleasure as I just love delving into their website and wanted to share with you in case you haven’t discovered the delights that are at Modcloth.

I haven’t ordered from them though, as due to the fluctuating dollar to pound currency and import tax costs it’s not been financially viable. But for a number of years I have been lusting at Modcloth’s website from afar.

If I ever had to go to a ball/special event/whatever and needed a dress or just inspiration Modcloth has the dresses of dreams. If like me you love to look girly and give Cinderella a run for for her money, then you’ll bound to find a dress for you. 

 These four dresses are simply beautiful and your for sure be belle of the ball in one of these.

 Even their shoes are heavenly. Look at these which I have picked out, they are just some of the beaut’s on their website. 

I hope one day Modcloth will have a UK site shipping from the UK. I think I would have to put a limit on what I buy! And in case you wondered this post isn’t sponsored or request by Modcloth, I just love sharing all the things I love. Sharing is caring!

I hope you liked these items and would love to know what your fav items are on Modcloth. Share below!

Lot’s of love,

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