Happy National Cupcake Day!

To celebrate National Cupcake Day supporting and raising awareness Alzheimer’s I have made some rainbow frosting for some cupcakes.
I have found my cake baking and decorating skills are not really improving, so I did cheat and by some all ready made cup cakes. I was more keen to have a go at the frosting, rather then the cake its self.

To make the frosting or icing I brought four colours of food colouring, red, blue, pink and yellow and a tub of vanilla frosting. To get some idea of how to create this rainbow effect I watched a video by Cupcake Jemma.

I was now ready to get frosting! I first of all separated the frosting into four separate containers. I didn’t use exact measurements, your filled up each container one at a time.

Once the frosting had been divided up, I added a couple of tea spoons worth of food colouring into a container, so each container had one colour in it each.

I then mixed the food colouring in with the frosting to get the desired colour.

Once all colours achieved, I then spooned one at a time the colours into my piping bag. I used an open star nozzle for this, but feel free to use what ever nozzle you prefer.

I then started with squirtinf the frosting on top of my cupcake. I have yet to master the art of icing and piping but I gave it a go. I will say in hindsight, icing or butter cream might of been a preferred option as the frosting isn’t stiff enough to pipe. But I didn’t let this put me off.
I then covered with some hundred and thousands to finish and ta dah, rainbow frosted cup cakes!

Have a go yourself, it’s fun and colourful (if a little messy!).

Lot’s of love,


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