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If you’ve been following my blog you will know I love ‘Chick Lit’ books. And one of my favourite author’s is the hugely talented Giovanna Fletcher. You may also have heard of Giovanna as she is married to Tom, of McFly fame.

I recently saw Giovanna was doing a book tour to promote her latest book, Always with Love, and in a matter of days she would be in Southampton Waterstones. Damn that it fell on a working day 🙁

But to my surprise my ever so thoughtful husband had taken the hour long train journey to Southampton to get my copy Always with Love signed.

Dan queued for three hours to get it signed and I was over the moon when he confessed on the phone that he had met Giovanna that day.

A few days later I did my regular checking of emails upon awaking and had to do a double take when I saw an email from Giovanna herself! I opened the email and Giovanna explained how she had met Dan and he asked her if she would kindly answer some questions for me to put in a blog post.

Being the lovely lady that she is Giovanna had answered them and emailed them to me.

So please see below the questions Giovanna has answered…

1. How do you develop an idea for a new book and its characters, and how long does it
then take you to write the book?
I usually start with a little nugget of an idea and brain storm those to see their potential as
book summaries. At the start of each book I have a meeting with my publisher and
discuss those ideas – it’s amazing how some fall flat and others come alive when being
discussed. I guess that’s when you know your idea is a good one worth exploring. It
usually takes about a year from that point to publication including all the edits.

2. How do you manage to keep focused when there is so much temptation to ‘just
quickly check Facebook/Twitter’ etc?
It’s so tough. Occasionally I get so lost on social media but with deadlines looming you
just have to give yourself a kick up the butt and get on with some work! Replying to
emails can be a big distraction, but I have found working in the evening when everyone is
out of the office a great help.

3. What or who inspires you and why?
Life inspires me. I love meeting people and listening to their stories. I’m an observer and
can just sit and people watch all day.

4. It is the fifteenth anniversary of Moulin Rouge. Christian (Ewan McGregor’s
character) says of the story he is writing ‘This story is about truth, beauty, freedom;
but above all things, this story is about love’. Which would you say is most
important in your life, and in your stories – truth, beauty, freedom or love, and why?
Oooooh, this is a tough question but I’d say love. For me love is everything – in fact love
can make all those other things happen!

5. What memory brings the biggest smile to your face, and why?
There are three occasions that make me grin like a Cheshire cat and I can’t choose
between them. High-fiving my husband after our wedding vows and meeting both my
sons for the first time – all simply beautiful and stunning in their own way, each marking
the start of a new chapter of my life.

6. Children often do and say the funniest things, do you have a funny or slightly
embarrassing story of motherhood you are willing to share?
When I’m feeding Buddy, Buzz tends to point at me and shout ‘Boobie’ . . . it’s highly
entertaining in public.

7. What would be your top tips for aspiring writers?
My one tip is quite simple – write and read. That’s the only way you’ll know if you
actually like it and the best way to develop your own style.

8. If you were told you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it
People will expect me to say Nutella or Ferroro Rocher here, but I’d actually say bananas.
I think I’d live longer on them.

9. What is your favourite home accessory? (Cushion, throw, bedcover, lamp, some
accessory on a shelf etc)
I have a ‘G’ shaped lamp that Tom got me on my birthday hanging in my office. It’s retro
and rusty. I love it.

10. What are your current top three books, TV shows and films?
Books: The Secret, Me Before You and P.S. I Love You.
TV shows: Game of Thrones, House of Cards and New Girl.
Films: I Am Sam, The Notebook and Fifty First Dates.

I really hope you liked this Giovanna special and if you haven’t checked out Giovanna’s books, then you should! You can visit her online here.

Big love to Giovanna 🙂 

Lot’s of Love,

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