My reflections on blogging

So it’s been about 10 months since I created this little piece of the internet as my own and what a learning curve it has been.
I thought I would take this opportunity to reflect on what I have thought so far. I guess I’m still just a ickle baby in the grand scheme of blogging. But I’m growing and learning on how to craft my blog in a way that truly reflects me.

I love writing so to be able to harness this passion of mine in a blog is fantastic. And whilst the driving force is to be able to create content I am proud of, I also feel that it’s a boost to be able to get people, other bloggers or like wise, to follow my blog. It makes me feel that what I’m writing has worth if others are liking it. I know a blog should start with what you like and shouldn’t be about numbers and getting free things. Which to me it isn’t. I’m happy to write and design a blog that I would like to visit and getting feedback from others is a bonus. But what I would like to be able to do is make my blog a more permanent thing and commit more time to it, as I would love to pursue my passion for writing as more than just a hobby.

But how to do that? I don’t know the answer to that. I know some lucky bloggers have managed to move from doing their blog on a more full time basis, but I’m clearly not there yet. Not being just 10 months in. I know that building up a blog of creditably takes time, and by this I mean a good couple of years at least of grafting.

What I do find tricky of trying to over come is working on my blog around a full time job. This means I only have evenings and two days off a week to work on my blog. That might sound reasonable, but I feel I’m missing out being able to engage during the days with my audience and get any quality time to dedicate to my blog.
I mean take last week for example, whilst I’ve had a week of annual leave, I have spent a lot of time working on my blog. I could have been out and about, but instead I’ve tried to ultilise this time to my advantage to work on my blog.
And today at work, I was working on my blog through out my break times. Dedication to the cause.
Most females my age have had children, so when I should be spending my time with a child/ren I’m instead concentrating on my blog. Some would say I have my priorities wrong?!

I at time’s fall into the trap of comparing my blog to other blogs in the same genre. I guess I am still learning on how to make a blog function in a usable way and being inspired by other blogger’s is great. But also it makes me feel sometimes inferior. Like I haven’t enough comments, or followers. But in my rational mindset, I know that’s not what it’s about and my focus should be on making content for a blog that is something I can be proud of. Not chasing numbers.
I am thankful for all the people who read my blog, whether it’s only a handful or a few more, or if any! Knowing someone is spending their precious time on my blog means the world to me.

There is such a great blogger community out there and to be part of it is the bonus of blogging. I’ve seen so many great blogs, that continue to inspire me. This generation is lucky they have the resources to ultilise their skills with the internet. When I was in my teens I was still writing with pen and paper to create content like stories or writing on a PC with no internet connection. And as a child I was designing comics and my only tools? Pen and paper. I do wish I had captured the blogging bug at an earlier age as I could of enjoyed it from a younger age. I always seem to be late to all the latest trends! I’ve only just got Snapchat and even then I’m a bit puzzled by it!

Anyway to what else I’ve learnt since starting my blog:

To have fun- making content and taking photo’s of all the things I love makes me 🙂

Getting to know other bloggers- I like meeting new people and my blog and twitter is a great way to meet like minded people

Doing new things- I like to stick to my comfort zone, but my blog has made me want to try new things so I can blog about it, like going to blog themed events

Being structured with my time- I like to think I am a an organised person in life, but working and then making sure I have time to work on my blog means I have to create routines to keep me on track

Learning new skills- Whilst I am no computer whiz I have learnt how to do various things on my blog to do with the layout and the designing of headers for example. Even in your 30’s you can still learn new things!

I’m sure with time I will learn more and experience new obstacles but as long as I’m still enjoying it then I will keep going as long as I can. Who know’s what’s around the corner but for now this is where I want to focus my personal time to. Hoping I can keep making a blog that I like and if others continue to then that’s the cherry on the top.

I hope that my honesty has been received in the way I want it to. Not to sound like I’m moaning in any way, just expressing my thoughts of now and the future of Abbie Chic.

Anyway thanks for reading. Here’s to many more blog posts!

Lot’s of love,

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