Sunshine and the media

British summer. It’s here one minute and taken a vacation of it’s own the next. So that’s why today, with the weather forecasting sunshine I wanted to make the most of the rays before they go AWOL.

I didn’t feel like venturing too far afield so I took a walk into my local town centre and stopped off for brunch at Charlie Harper’s which is a cafe that is popular with the locals. It’s a bit tucked away so I doubt many visitors discover it.

I had scrambled eggs on toast with bacon and a cup of tea, whilst Dan opted for a full cooked breakfast. Yummy. After we were fed and watered we walked through the town centre and towards the Cathedral. Behind the Cathedral is some gardens, where in the summer it’s full of beautiful and colourful flora. Being that it was warming up myself and Dan found a bench in the corner of the gardens and sat back to take in some much missed sunshine.

After a while I was concerned that I might be catching too much of the sun on my bare arms (I didn’t use any sunscreen-tsk!) so we got up and took a walk around the gardens. Most of the flowers were yet to blossom yet, so I was hunting out the few that had!

BTW, my Outfit Of The Day is a halter top with sun and moon print and ruched side khaki maxi skirt, both from Boohoo. Teamed with my high top converses, Urban Outfitters sunglasses and watch from Olivia Burton. Shout out to Boohoo for their excellent customer service. I had a couple of issues but where very promptly and efficiently sorted out. As I’ve just popped by Boohoo cherry, I am totally converted!

We then continued our walk around the outskirts of the town, followed by a stop off in Boots to pick up some toiletries and beauty products (will feature more in forth coming post). I did discover something in Boots that totally made my day! But I will reveal more soon.

Jack Wills in a former council building- the charm of Chichester

Quaint cake shop- sums of Chichester 🙂

Dan and myself then continued through the town the centre and ended up in Waitrose as I fancied some nachos and dip so I could add some cheese to the nacho’s for a very naughty snack!

We stopped and had a cup of tea in the cafe in Waitrose and ended up chatting away for about an hour.

Dan has written a book about his Asperger’s, a developmental disability, which is part of the autistic spectrum disorder and he has the high functioning elements. He has high intelligence and language skills but can struggle with social situations and how to read people. Through his love of hypnosis he has developed skills to understand and relate to people better. Most people that meet him would not realize he has Asperger’s, just that sometimes he can be a bit blunt!

So the book Dan has written encapsulates his life with Asperger’s and how to help others with the disability. He is working with a PR company that markets authors and their works and as part of their marketing of Dan’s book, they want to focus on the angle of how he manages relationships, especially with me, as people with Asperger’s tend to struggle to maintain relationships. So it is planned I will be contacted by Reveal weekly magazine and the Sunday Mirror supplement about Dan and our relationship. I’m sure to share what comes out in the media. If you would like to find out more about Dan you can visit his websites and and see many of his youtube videos by searching for his channel Dan Jones Hypnosis.

After our tea break and picking up the essential nacho’s dips and some chocolate biscuits, we paid and headed home. Once home I made my very cheesy snack, and sat her at my kitchen/lounge table and written this here blog post. Don’t know what I’ll end up doing this evening. Feeling a bit tired so maybe some TV and an early night as I went to bed a bit late last night. Such an lovely evening mind, so might sit in my window a bit longer to make the most of the evening sun.

Anyway I hope you’ve had a lovely day, in the sun or not!

Lots of love,

Abbie xxx

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