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I’ve heard of NYX (is it pronounced NYX or nicks?!) for some time, but not been able to find it in stores, so when I discovered Boots in Brighton have a whole section for the brand I couldn’t help but have a little splurge! Not that I need anymore make up but I wanted to see if the brand lives up to the hype.

I love eye colour, especially shimmery shades, so I picked up two eye crayons and two eye shadow pots. Along with a felt tip eyeliner and one of their iconic lip creams.
The price points are reasonable, enough for me to pick up several items without (but nearly) breaking the bank!
Below I’ll review each item to let you know what I think…

First up is the eye shadow pot in Gold Lust at £3.50. The pot has a cute bow design on the opening which is a nice touch. The colour is sparkley gold which I found needs to be built up to create a strong colour, but I guess that means I can get a light or more dramatic effect depending on my mood.
I do like the colour though and had a pretty shimmer as it catches the light.

I also picked up another shade of eye shadow called Show Girl. This is another shimmery shade in a rusty brown colour. I found this colour doesn’t build up as much and hasn’t stayed on my hand as a swatch for that long. So I’m interested to see how it stays on my lid.
I do like the colour though as I think it will compliment other eye shadow colours I have.

I then picked up two  jumbo eye crayons as I find them easy to use and have a lovely metallic effect. The above colour is 617 Ice Mocha £5 which is a light brown with a hint of gold. It glides smoothly onto the skin and I think I might wear this today!

The other shade I picked up in the eye crayon’s is 631 in Sparkle Leopard. This shade is copper with a hint of gold. Like the Iced Mocha it has metallic effect also. I think this would compliment all eye colours, making blue eyes pop and suiting warmer eye colours like brown and green.

I do like using eyeliner (not that I have mastered the art of the perfect cat eye!) but I’m not a fan of using liquid eyeliners. I find I smudge and get a wonky line when applying them, so I much prefer felt tip liners. I have a few but I’m always looking for the perfect one. I have swatched this and it has come out black but with a hint of dark grey. I don’t know if this is because the colour needs to be applied a bit more for it to build up, as it is shade extreme black £8.
Still I’m not put off and will give this a go to see what it look likes with the eye colours

I couldn’t go to NYX without purchasing one of their soft matte lip creams. There was so many shades to chose from and I opted from a pink shade called Toyko £5.50.
This is a girly, slightly bubblegum pink shade. Not sure how it will look on, but I wanted to try a colour I don’t always go to.
I’ve seen these are super popular with other beauty bloggers so I’m hoping it’s worth the hype!

Lastly here are the swatches I’ve been referring to. From top to bottom is, lip cream in Toyko, eye shadow in Show Girl, eye shadow in Gold Lust, eye crayon in Iced Mocha, eye crayon in Sparkle Leopard and felt tip liner in extreme black.

All in all I’m excited to have a play and see what looks I can create with these products. I’d love to know what you’re favourite NYX product is, what can you recommend?

Lots of Love,

Abbie xxx

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