My April Favs

Hi there! I’ve not done a monthly fav’s before, so I thought it was about time I did!
Not really sure what the etiquette is with this type of blog, so I’m just sharing what I have been loving this month.
So let’s begin…

For my birthday my wonderful husband had gifted me with a beautiful necklace from Pandora. I’m a massive fan so I was one happy lady when I opened the gift box with the Pandora logo on the top!
Pandora to me do beautiful and elegant, whilst still girly jewelry and I now have many of their charms for their bracelets.
The necklace my husband got me is called ‘Blooming Dahlia’ and retails for £40. The chain and the charm is brought separately which means I can change it up with different pendants.
I love the fact it’s pink, floral and simple. Perfect for wearing on a daily basis without being too over done. I have worn it a lot since receiving it and makes me think of the very generous hubby when I wear it!

The next thing I’ve been loving is Makeup Revolutions new eye shadow palette called Fortune Favours the Brave. I also received this for my birthday (I did have to point it out!) and it’s been my go to palette for April.
I love the variety of colours, from the gold tones to the more bronzey tones. There are also a couple of colours with a marbled effect which add an extra twinkle when wearing it.
The colours apply well and there is enough shades to create various looks. The packaging looks smart too. Makeup Revolution are onto a winner!

Also make up wise I have been using Revlon’s Ultra HD matt lip colour. Not only does this smell really good, it looks so pretty on. I’m not a fan of shiny lip colours, I prefer more muted, matt shades as I think they look more natural (they don’t out shine themselves!).
The colour glides on using a padded applicator stick and comes in a pocket friendly shape. And it smells really nice too!
I think I’m going to see what other colours there are as I’m sold on this one so much! Never have too much of a good thing!

Accessories wise I’ve been loving my sunglasses from Urban Outfitters retailing at £18. I don’t really need a new pair as I have a draw full of sunglasses from last year, but I’m fussy over what eyewear suits me so I grabbed these as I thought they looked ok on!
I like the shape of them and the tortoise shell effect. A bit more than would I would pay for for fashion sunglasses but I plan of having just this pair for the summer (read sunny) months. 
Despite the on/off weather we’ve been having this April I have been able to use them on a number of occasions and I hope it get many more opportunities to in the coming months!

I love a good book. I have a collection I am proud of of ‘chick lit’ books. Some of my favourite authors include Giovanna Fletcher, Marian Keyes and Lindsey Kelk. I love nothing more than chilling out getting absorbed in a good story with really engaging characters.
I was recently given a copy of a book called Crazy over You written by Carol Thomas. One of the things that hooked me first was the main character is called Abby. Great choice of name!
I also liked the premise of the story with Abby finding her way after finding her husband had cheated on her.
Carol made the main story line really believable and page turning too. Not a heavy read as I like books that’s aren’t gritty, more of a rom com in a book. I really enjoyed this and would recommend this to anyone who likes modern female lead stories with love and laughs along the way.
Carol is a self published author and you can purchase a copy for yourself on amazon.

The great outdoors! Being a non car driver, I tend to take trips to local towns on the train and have a good mooch around the shops and see the sights. This April, with the weather being a bit better than previous months I have ventured out and about.
A couple of places I visited are both on the south coast, one being Littlehampton and one being Brighton. 
In Littlehampton there is what is called the Look and See centre, which over looks the harbour. On a clear day, which luckily it was when I visited you can see over the harbour to the south, over towards Chichester and look over to the Downs and to Arundel. As the viewing room is a fair height up, you can see for a good number of miles all around. Great for budding photographers or anyone who likes to people watch!
I also visited one of my favourite nearby towns, Brighton. With so many high street shops, including ones I don’t normally get to see, like Berschka, Pull and Bear and Tiger. As well as the Laines, which are a treasure trove of small brands and independent stores.
I recently went into a shop called Photomatic in the Laines (any Zoella followers will recognize this from when she visited with Mark). Inside is two photo booths, one taking black and white photo’s and one taking colour.
Along with some props you can take some fun photos to print and keep! All for £4.
Myself and Dan visited and took some photo’s as a momento of our visit to Brighton. Fab if you have a group of you or BBF to take some snaps with.


Notth Laines, Brighton

Hey Mr Blue Sky

Brighton Dome

Some of you (age dependent) may remember Snake on the old Nokia mobile phones. The blocky shaped ‘snake’ that would wind it’s way around your mobile screen, whilst it grew longer and longer and you had to not crash into yourself.
Well I have been playing a game online very similar but brought up to 2016. The game is called Slitherio ( and it’s free to play. You create a nick name and then you enter the game.
The premise is very simple, you are a small snake and you get larger with your score being the distance you travel around the screen. As you go around you can go over various different coloured dots that make you grow bigger and when a fellow snake dies (by crashing into another snake) you can eat their dotty remains, which in turn makes you grow bigger.
I’m pretty useless at it, with my best result being 140 something out of 450 something. Some snakes are very big and if they die then it’s a free for all for getting their dots.
I mean I think anyone will get the gist after a couple of goes, like I said it is pretty simple. But also pretty addictive. Esp when you are doing so well, then crash into another snake and it’s game over. I just want to try again!
On my iPad this is the only game app I have, as I don’t play gaming apps. But this is one exception!

I hope you like my April favourite’s and inspires you to check some of these items out! I’d love to know what you might try!

Lots of love

Abbie xxx

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