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Anyone reading this, who know’s me well, will agree with me that my middle name should be ‘indecisive’. Which pretty sums up my 32nd birthday of recent. I was asked on numerous occasions what I would like to do for my birthday and I just couldn’t settle on something.

Afternoon tea was the best idea I could come up with, I mean who doesn’t like tea and cake! So in the end I ended up booking tea for four people at a near by hotel and spa.

The venue I chose was The Bailiffscourt Hotel and Spa which is set down a quiet country lane just off the coast. I had heard about Bailiffscourt many times and how beautiful, historic and tranquil it is, but never had the luxury of visiting until now.

I booked Afternoon Tea on a website called and after a few clicks it was all booked! 

Had the weather been playing ball, rather than raining most of the day then I was tempted to take a trip to the Isle of Wight, as in all the nearly 15 years Dan and myself have been together, we have never been there together. But weather being that it was, I opted for the afternoon tea.

My sister, along with my mum picked Dan and myself up and we drove over to the hotel.

But before we got there, we took a detour to HobbyCraft which as about 15 minutes drive away. Now I do feel I have for some time (perhaps maybe all my life!) felt like an OAP in my tastes. I’d rather stay in and watch TV then go gallivanting on a night out, or perhaps do some crafts, bake a cake or sit and read a book. I suppose you could also call it being introverted. Anyway whatever you want to call it, I was looking forward to my afternoon tea.

In HobbyCraft I picked up some products to make some cup cakes. I am a lazy and incompetent baker, so I brought a Betty Crocker cake mix, some cup cake cases, some squirt on icing and some cake toppers. (As a side note I also brought some tea cup and saucer holders for cup cakes in Wilko’s yesterday which I will use when I make these cakes).

I also picked up some Cadbury’s chocolate grab bags and some boxes to try more decoupage on.

With this complete we headed to the hotel. As you approach the Bailiffscourt, you are met with lovely grounds (even in the rain!) and lot’s of old looking builds (think Tudor style). 

We parked up and made a mad dash to the reception, where we were shown to a room to the side for our Afternoon Tea.

The room had an old looking open fire (not lit) and two old looking high backed sofas, with a low table in between layed out with Pip Studio china.

We chose our teas (I stuck to Earl Grey) and where then brought out our tiers of Afternoon Tea.

We scoffed most of it, including some still warm scones with cream and jam and chatted about random topics.

After our tea I discovered a room next door that I suppose could be a snug. It continued the historic look, complete with a wonky book shelf and old tapestry’s hung on the wall. As it was still raining it felt very cosy and relaxing.

With full bellies we left the hotel, which has several buildings dotted around which you can stay in, and headed back home. My sister dropped Dan and myself back home, where I then changed out of my new Primark dress and into some lounge wear (aka leggings and a sweatshirt) and chilled on the sofa.

Cake made by Dan (included a chocolate box full of Smartie’s inside!)

Dan and myself then later put on Ted 2 and placed an online order with Dominoes pizza. It was a quiet but relaxed birthday. Maybe next year I’ll do something more lively and stop living like a hermit! Who know’s!

Anyway that in a nut shell was how I spent my 32nd birthday. Do I feel 32? Not sure what that should feel like. Sometimes I feel a bit older as life experiences gives you better perspective but generally I still feel (and look) like I’m in my 20’s. Still trying to figure out what to do with my life. But I guess it’s true, when you get to your 30’s you accept who you are and stop trying to adapt to other’s perceptions. I’m me, like it or hate it, life is too short to faff around trying to be something you’re not (etc with cliches!).

Thanks for reading! 


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