Happy Birthday HRH The Queen | Baking some cakes!

Unless you’ve had your head under a stone, you’ll know that it’s the Queen’s 90th birthday today. Watching the news there seems to be lot’s of celebrations around Windsor Castle to mark this special day for our monarchy. And I thought I would do something to celebrate in my own way, and what better way than with some good ole cake!

As you might of seen from previous blog posts I am not a good baker. It’s not for the lack of trying, just that its not a skill I was born with, or managed to hone. Anyway not letting that put me off I decided to make some vanilla cup cakes.

Ingredients l-r: Cake Toppers and cake stands from Hobbycraft | Free range eggs | Dr Oetker cupcake icing, cupcake cases and Betty Crocker mixture from Hobbycraft

Now I know some will say this is cheating, but I used a Betty Crocker mixture (I know not very British for this occasion!) and added some eggs, oil and water to the mixture into a bowl. A a few minutes of whisking later you have your cake mixture.



I spooned (or scooped which is my tip) the mixture into foil lined cup cake cases and then popped them into my oven as per the instructions on the packet.

One baked and cooled I used some pre made icing in a can and decorated with some cake toppers, silver edible dusting and butterfly candy decorations.





Easy peasy, a real no fail process. Maybe one day I will try to bake my own mixture and perhaps get some baking lessons, but I’m lazy so for now this is my best attempt!
Anyone wishing to teach me, please do let me know! 🙂

Anyway I’m looking forward to having some cakes this evening, wishing the Queen a happy birthday and maybe even have a proper cup of tea to boot!

Until next time,


Abbie xxx


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