Hello Saturday!

Before I post about what I got up to yesterday, please accept my sincere apologies for being a rubbish blogger! I believe any good blogger will post at least once a week to their blog, and my dear chums, has not been me.
It’s not for not wanting to, far from it. It’s more from trying to find the time! Working full time means I only have the evenings (which after work on some days means I can’t bear to face a computer screen again-I spend most days at work behind one) and the weekends.

But as I do want to keep my blog ticking over, I need to keep it fresh and current. So I’m taking the opportunity on this bright and sunny Sunday morning to let you know what I got up to yesterday.

Btw, it’s nothing exciting, but I like my blog posts to reflect my life, interesting or not!

So after a few financial hiccups of recent, I decided rather than venturing out to a nearby town, which involves a train fare, lunch and normally me over spending, I took a short trip to the nearest neighbouring town, Bognor Regis. As you would of read on my previous post, I spent a number of years residing in this very British, if dated, sea side town.
But since moving to Chichester, I have not visited it as much but I decided that I would. The main reason was I received a Matalan voucher through the post and wanted to see if there was anything worthy of using it on, and Bognor has the nearest store to me.
Also a couple of new stores have opened in the vicinity that I had yet to visit; Next and Marks and Spencer Food Hall.

So after a short trip on a bus (glamorous I know!), with Dan in tow, we headed up to Next. I’m a big fan of Next home ware, they do some really pretty pieces. Their fashion I’m not such a fan of. But still, a clothes shop is a clothes shop, so of course I wanted a snoop!
The range in side was pretty average, very much an indentikit Next store. So after a quick browse around the womens wear, we headed upstairs to the home ware section. Not a huge selection but still what they had was pretty and decorative, but I had some self restraint and stopped myself from making any impulsive purchases (that and Dan was with me!).

Inspiration quote in Next
Blooming marvellous in M&S

Following this, we went next door to Marks and Spencer food hall. The first thing I saw was like a florist had taken up in their store, as there was so many beautiful flowers for Mothers Day!
Despite it being a Saturday it wasn’t too busy which was nice.


I couldn’t miss the Easter Eggs (though I’m not eating chocolate at the mo-used to eat too much, so I’m cutting it out of my diet, that’s will power for you!). but I do love the designs of the Easter Eggs, so bright and fun!

Time for tea at Sainsburys

That little tour didn’t take too long and Dan and myself crossed over the road to the new Sainsburys. This was quite a lot busier but I didn’t plan on doing much shopping. After picking up a couple of items, we headed to their Cafe. What is nice about their cafe as there is lot’s of windows, so you get a great view, of the, er car park!
I queued up and brought two cups of tea, a Big Breakfast for Dan (which turned out not to be that big!) and a toasted sandwich for me.

After having this pit stop, we left Sainsburys and headed further up the road. We were heading for B&M stores, which is a large out of town discount store. You name it, they have it!

By this point it was getting rather chilly and rain had started to have it presence known. So I was grateful to get into the the store.
There are aisles and aisles of food (no fresh, only boxed and canned goods), toiletries, home ware, flat pack furniture and garden products.
We brought a solar panelled light ornament for my mum for Mothers Day, along with some toiletries, kitchen accessories and a few other random bits. In total it came to just over £25, a bargain in my books!

Lucky I found these lucky charms!

American candy is dandy!

Once outside, it was still pretty cold, but not so rainy so we continued to make it over to the stores over the way. Over the way is a Home Bargains store (just like the B&M store) and Matalan.
We decided that Dan would take refuge in the nearby KFC whilst I visited the shops, wise idea!

I first stopped off to look in the Home Bargains store. Not as big as B&M (not sure what that stands for btw!) but still a vast selection of very reasonably priced goods.
I found a Mothers Day section, which was very convenient, and picked up something for my mum. What I also found was a pale pink patent purse for £2.99 and a plastic pink floral shopper for £3.99.

In the bag | Home Bargains

They instantly reminded me of Ted Baker, but for tenth of the price! I do like my labels, but this was a great dupe for Ted Baker, so I thought, for the price, why not! (This is where my over spending happens- I rationalise if it’s inexpensive then why not, but that soon adds up!).
I also brought a little present for my older sister (my only sibling) as I was feeling generous!
This didn’t take too long and I soon headed into Matalan.

I was looking for some wellie socks for my mum, but after some searching my search was in vain. Still I picked up a black dress with white polka dots and a really cosy blue and white cardi (it’s like wearing a blanket-I swear I’m 31 going on 61!).
I also tried on a black dress I thought would be good for work, but no, it didn’t look good on!
I also had a browse of the homeware’s section, but again, I showed self control and didn’t buy anything from that section.

I then headed back to KFC to meet up with Dan and head back towards the bus stop. As we got nearer the bus stop, thankfully the sky had cleared and it was brightening up.
After a brief wait for the bus, we got on and shortly go off at a stop opposite our flat. Lucky as I appeared to be laden with shopping bags!

A cup of tea was much needed as I got in and I had a nice chill on the sofa. After some more showers passed, Dan and myself headed back out into our local town centre to get some more milk (I really am letting you know the fun parts of my day! lol) and I continued my search for wellie socks for my mum.
After more scouring I could only find one style, with lime green or bright pink. Neither I thought my mum would want. But I popped into a gift boutique before leaving town and picked up a couple of gifts in there.

Once home, Dan and myself decided to watch a DVD. We have a few new films we’ve not yet watched, but the one we opted for was Spy with Miranda Hart. It was a great film, with much humour and action, and was one of those films where you try to work out the plot before it’s revealed.

After that I was super tired, so headed to bed for a good nights sleep.

So not an overly exciting day in the grand scheme of things, but sharing is caring, or so they say!

I hope you’ve had a great weekend 🙂


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