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Since I started my blog 6 months ago I’ve been squirrelled away in my flat writing blog posts. Which for the main part is great fun, I mean hobbies are meant to be enjoyable. But there is an air of solitude to it. As far as I’m aware I don’t personally know anyone else who blogs. I know a couple of people who create Youtube channels, but I’m a solo blogger.

Now this doesn’t constitute as a problem but it would be nice to share experiences and advice with other blog minded people, as I’m still learning about blogging. So when I saw Laura aka Lolabehold promoting a blogger meet up in Brighton, which is only a 50 minute train journey away I thought this would be a great opportunity.

So one Saturday recently I got a train to Brighton for my first blog meet up. I wasn’t sure what to expect, I mean I still consider myself a newbie in the blogging world. But every year I like to achieve things I didn’t the year before.
I have a weird mind set that I must out do what I achieved the year before. Like I’m in competition with myself. Obv the year I got married is unable to be competed, but I like to look back on each year and feel content I did new things.
So this event is one of them. It may not seem much to other bloggers who frequent such events on a regular basis but you’ve got to start somewhere.

The event was held in a pub called The Globe which was just off the seafront in the centre of town. From the outside not a pub I would normally choose to visit, but hey I’m trying new things here!
I deliberated outside briefly as I wan’t certain I had the right location, but after seeing some other girls enter who looked like they could be bloggers enter the pub, I thought what the heck and went inside.

There was a group of girls by the bar and I asked if they were here for a blog event, which thankfully they said they were! Holly aka ClosingWinter and Sam aka StoriesofSam introduced themselves and I began to feel relieved I had found some people to talk to!

After getting a drink at the bar, we headed down stairs. Below was a group of what I presumed were other bloggers (I mean this is a blog meet up!) and I spotted Laura, who organised the event. I said hello and she gave us each a slip of paper.
Written on the paper was a list of types of bloggers, ie lifestyle, travel, beauty etc and we had to go around as an ice breaker and find out what type of category each blogger was. I decided to speak to a few people to find out and soon had a few listed on my piece of paper.

There were some tables set up with products from local companies. These consisted of a natural skin products company called Pure Potions, a home wares store called Homage and a healthy fruit snack brand called Snact. We had the opportunity to speak to reps from these brands and find out more about their products. Bonus was that we got some goodies to take away from them!

I then had the pleasure to talking to some other fellow bloggers including Aisybee, Jess Snook and Katie Kirk and AlittlebitofLu. I will admit that I’m not the best conversationalist in groups of people, whether I know them or not. I wouldn’t say I’m shy as I can approach people but I would say I lack self confidence to contribute to conversations. I often feel there are more dominate talkers in group chats, where ever this may be and I struggle to have the confidence to chip in. I do find it easier to talk to people in a two or a three. So I did stand there feeling a bit of an eejit not saying much, but when I did strike up conversation I asked about how long they had been blogging and their experiences. I enjoyed being about to speak to like minded people and laugh about when non blogging friends wonder what you’re doing when you take pictures of everything!

Eventually the event came to a close as we were each given a pretty heavy and full goody bag to take on departing.

I had a brief chat with some of the girls outside before heading off towards the train station. At this point I was starving and eager to get home to have a cup of tea (so rock’n’roll!).

I managed to acquire one of my favourite snacks, a margaritas pizza baguette from Upper Crust (which I struggle to find available at most stations) at the station before getting on the train home.

I had a fab day, I would recommend going to a blog meet up if you are new to blogging as it’s a great way to feel part of a community and be able to know who you are talking to on twitter better and to make some friends!
Laura did a fantastic job organising the event and if you want to find out when there is another blog meet up you can tweet Laura at Lolabehold on twitter.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post! Hopefully I will have more blog meet up’s to blog about in the future!

Take care,


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