Valentine’s Food- Pizza and Cake! :)

So for this Valentine’s I thought it would be nice to be able to show you before hand how you can make your own heart shaped pizza and sponge cupcakes.
Now a disclaimer I will always make, I am no way a good cook. This I think I have said before and I say it again as it is so annoyingly true. But anyway I’m not going to let me stop me. Practise makes perfect and all that.

Heart shaped pizza

Now, as I am not a good cook, I did find a pre-made pizza base in the super market. I could of made my own, but that involves things like yeast and rising and that’s far too technical. So after a bit of a hunt around the supermarket, I found in the chiller aisle canned dough, that also comes with the tomato sauce for the base. Result!
I also picked up some grated mozzarella and some red peppers. I did also buy some cooked chicken, but in the end decided against it. Obvs you could use any toppings you like. That’s the beauty of pizzas.

All the ingredients I used and didn’t use! That being the chicken and the basil


The dough trying the break free!


My heart shaped pizza base on a pizza tray- from Home Sense


Pizza prepped- notice the heart shaped peppers!


Pizza done!


Pizza ready for gobbling!

The overall appearance of the pizza was ok. As I was doing it I thought it could of been useful to cut a template out of paper then use that as a guideline for the perfect heart shape. Live and learn.

The pizza tasted ok also, but as I thought it was going to be too thin (this is a dough for thin and crispy) I did add extra dough to places, but I found that didn’t bake as quickly as the rest of the pizza. My tip, don’t worry if it looks too thin as a base as it will then bake quicker and better.

Perfect for your loved on this Valentines. Or even for yourself!

Valentine Cupcakes


If I haven’t said it before, as I am with cooking, I am with baking! With these cupcakes I used a packet mixture from Tesco. I followed in instructions, which were super easy, even for me!

The decorating was definitely not my forte! They do look a bit sorry for themselves, but they do taste yummy!

What I have discovered recently is a new product from Dr Oetker is their cupcake centres. You can chose various different flavours and you just insert the nozzle into the centre of the baked cupcake and et voilà you have a flavoured centre!

I also found in Home Sense a set of paper cup cake cases (which I didn’t use in the end- I’m going to save them) and some silver hearts on a stick to pop into each cup cake. These are from a brand called Miss Etoile, which I lurve!

Anyway here’s a picture guide of what I did to make these beauties!

All the ingredients

Dry mixture of one medium egg, 4 tablespoons of milk and the cake mixture


The wet mixture which is poured into the cup cases

The cakes after they are baked and cooling


The finished articles with the chocolate centre


Rather basic cake decoration but it shows it was home made!

The cakes tasted, well like cakes, and my presentation has a lot left to be desired! I think I might need to go on some cookery/bakery classes. GBBO I think needn’t be worried!

Anyway I hope you like my little Valentines food tutorial and given you inspiration to cook up a storm on February 14th. Drop me a message if you have anything fun planned!




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