The £10 challenge!

It’s that time of the month. No I don’t mean mother nature paying a visit, but that other annoying monthly re-occurrence, the pre Pay Day struggle.

I’ve become a little bit financially stretched shall we say (me and money are not BFF!) and as such I wanted to set myself the challenge of seeing how much or what can I get for £10 in various high street strores.

So off to Brighton I went to have a good hunt for those bargains! I visited four shops, and below I have photo’s of the item’s I brought and whether I can in on budget.

Let’s begin…

Tk Maxx

The first shop I visited was Tk Maxx. As Tk Maxx is already a discounted store, I thought I must be able to get an item or two for my money and I wasn’t disappointed!

Here I brought:

W7 Brow Parlour £4.99

I love this eye brow set as it has all you need for taming those brows! A wax, highlighter, two shades of brow powder, plus mini tweezers and an angled brush. Plus the tin it comes in is so cute! And the price was amazing too. It looks like a dupe of perhaps Benefit? Let’s hope it’s not just good looking, but a great product too!

I love…Strawberries and Cream bath and shower creme £1.99

If only you could smell how amazing this is! The smell is definitely a super sweet fragrance and smells good enough to eat (please don’t though!!). And it’s pink, love pink and it’s a great size too. All for the grand price of £1.99, what’s not to love!

Babyliss eye shadow brush £1.99

I grabbed this brush as it was only £1.99 and you can never have too many make up brushes! Plus this will be great to use with a new Make Up Revolution palette I have brought recently. And it’s pink!

Tiger stores

So after my initial success in Tk Maxx I headed into Tiger stores. For those who are yet to discover the wonders of Tiger, they sell a whole cornucopia of nik naks and goodies! From stationery to kitchen ware and so much more, all at really affordable prices. With this in mind, I thought I should be able to get some bang for my buck!

5 Glitter shakers £2.00

Slightly random purchase, but I wanted to buy these as as you can see from my photo’s I have added some sparkle to my photos with the use of some confetti and I thought glitter would work just as well. And for only £2.00 it’s a creative gamble worth taking!

Heart print cupcake cases £2.00 per set

Now these was definitely going to be a purchase when I saw these! Ironically I was looking for something just like this prior to Valentine’s Day, but could I find anything like this? Hell no! Until now. But still I am on using them to make my no bake fridge cake in, so I can make individual and sharing portions. And I love the design of them. And oh yeah, I love the price too!

Cat trinket pot £2.00

Ah, how cute is this! I love cat’s so I couldn’t resist this! Pretty and practical as I can store odds and ends or jewellery inside it. And it has an adorable kitty on the top. Purr-fect!


I couldn’t do a haul without visiting a drug store. So I popped into Superdrug and found these beauties below:

GOSH eye shadow crayon in light copper £6.29

Now I haven’t shopped the brand GOSH before, but for some reason I was drawn to their eye colour crayons. I swatched this colour on my hand and was like ‘wow!’. It applied so easily, just glided on and the colour is really intense and shimmery. Unlike some shimmery eye shadows I have, where you have to apply several layers to build up the colour this went on perfectly. And even at the end of the day the swatch was still there on my hand. Staying power to boot! Really happy with this 🙂

Miss Sporty 10 hour concealer £2.99

Again Miss Sporty is not a range I shop much either. I did when I was a bit younger and I’ve not gone back to it, but as I was looking at the more lower priced make up, I thought I would give this ago as I like the claim it stays up to 10 hours. (Though up to 10 hours can be anything!). And I do find it difficult to find concealers that have enough coverage for me old bags. This is in medium but does look quote dark, so I guess I will see how this goes!

Nivea Strawberry lip balm stick £2.49

This was an essential buy, as with the cold weather and air conditioning at work my lips have been quite dry and sore. So I thought I would give this a go. I liked the fact it smells yummy (again strawberries!) and gives me nice glossy coverage on my lips. And already my lips feel much better. Lip-tastic!

Last but not least…


So I couldn’t do a £10 challenge without going to the mother of all value items, Primark! So as my last stop I headed in and had a good snoop around seeking out those bargains!

Two Pack Tweezers £1.00

A bargain you can no doubt agree! These have a really cute design and all for a bargain price. I also like that it has a slanted edge and pointed edge so I can try to keep those pesky eye brow hairs at bay. Let’s hope they are as good as their more expensive counter parts, such as Tweezerman!

Cushion shoe insoles £2.00

A bit random, but I’ve got a pair of boots, that whilst they are not painful to wear, they are a little uncomfortable on the balls of my feet. Esp after all this walking around the shops! So I wanted to try these out and hope they doe the job. Treat for feet as the packaging says. I hope so!

Floral printer trainer pumps £6.00

And my final purchase are these super pretty pumps. I love the floral design and the purple eye lets. Perfect for spring and summer (remind me what that is again!). And they are comfy too, so I shouldn’t be needing those foot cushion insoles! And who can argue with £6!

So peeps, that is all my purchases and I hope you agree that I have found some great finds and hopefully accomplished the challenge I set myself! And I tag you to take the #£10challenge (you can do it in just one shop btw, you don’t have to do as many as I did!).

I’d love to know what you’re fav item is I’ve brought and leave a comment below if you liked this!

Until next time,


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  1. Through her Blue Eyes
    March 6, 2016 / 11:08 am

    Love the idea of this challenge. Me and money are definitely not BFFs too. And my spending definitely needs to cut down, will definitely be setting myself this

    • Abbie Chic
      March 6, 2016 / 3:02 pm

      Yes, my new blog post going live this afternoon is a bit more bargain hunting! I've now set my self a weekly budget, hoping it works! 🙂

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