Mini Benefit Cosmetics :)

I popped in my local Boots store at the weekend to look at their NYX range, but I didn’t make it that far as I got very much distracted by the Benefit Cosmetic’s stand.
On the stand was various boxes and pots of their iconic lines, in mini and I love mini beauty products!
And each item is only £5 each! And for anyone who buys Benefit, you know it’s not the cheapest on the block. And their current deal is 4 items for £15. Get in!

So after much deliberation, these are the items I ended up purchasing…

High Beam- highlighter

If you’ve not used High Beam before, you’re missing out! This is such a lovely pearly iridescent colour that gives your skin a pretty shimmer. Ideal for your cheeks or under your brows.
I guess you could also add it to a moisturiser too, to add some shimmer and high light those cheeks!!

Dandelion lip gloss

Badgal Lash mascara

I will be honest, I’ve not used Dandelion before, but that’s why I brought it! I love the packaging and the colour of the lip gloss is a light peachy shade. Also this is ideal handbag size. Just as long it doesn’t end up hidden in the deepest ethers of my handbag!

Badgal Lash mascara
This is an iconic Benefit product and for a reason. The colour is a great black shade and it has a good ole big mascara brush to get to every lash. If my life depended on it, I would go for the There Real mascara, but this is great for getting a full coverage of mascara. I do have to apply several coats, but that’s because I have lashes that need all the coverage it can get!

Boing and Eye Bright

Now this is great, as it’s two products in one! You get a great concealer in Boing and eye brightener colour in Eye Bright. The concealer is on the dark side, but for that’t good, as I need as much as I can get! I’ve yet to give Eye Bright a go, but I like as it’s compact with the two together. 

You can also purchase Poisy Tint and Bad Gal lash eyeliner amongst others, but these are the four I went to. Doing a bit of basic maths, if you spent £30 you’d get 8 items! Perfect for travelling or if you normally have a bulging make up bag. And don’t forget those Boot’s points.

I hope you like my mini finds and I’d love to know what and why your favourite Benefit product is 🙂


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