Denim days

Now, I’m nor the most fashionable person. I will be upfront (not that I can hide the truth) but I haven’t got my finger on the pulse of fashion. But I do know what I like and tend to stick to styles I feel comfortable in but have some style to them. Or at least I try!

I recently visited Primark and picked up some items that I feel are some way to being fashion (you can make your own mind up!) and are comfortable to boot.

I picked up a black denim button front skirt, a black dungaree dress and also one in blue. They are so versatile, as you can wear almost anything underneath tops wise. Being it’s still cold outside, I tend to wear long sleeve tops or jumpers, but when the months get warmer (when being the operative word!) then I can imagine wearing a t-shirt or camisole underneath. 

Also foot wear is versatile with them too. Be it trainers, pumps, ankle boots or calf length boots, really it’s whatever you fancy!

Blouse- New Look | Dungaree dress- Primark

Top- Primark | Skirt- Primark

T-shirt- Primark | Dungaree dress- Primark

I’m lucky enough to be attending the Glamour magazine Beauty Festival at the Saatchi Gallery in London on Sunday 13th March. I’m really looking forward to seeing Jim Chapman, Fleur De Force and Estee Lalonde talk about vlogging. Not that I’m going to venture into that realm. I’ve tried, but I’m better behind the camera, rather than in front of it. Still I look up to them with much respect as bloggers also, so who knows what I might learn!

So I hope to wear a combination of some of the above items to this event. As I have never been to an event like this before, I’m not at all sure what the etiquette is for dressing, but I would imagine there will be a lot of very trendy peeps there, considering Glamour is in part a fashion magazine. I’m going to try my best to blend in!

A few days proceeding that I’m attending my first blogger meet up in Brighton. I still want to look at least have way decent, but I’m hoping for a more slightly casual affair.

So anyway I hope you like my new outfits. I’m always looking for inspiration, so please do share your new fashion finds in the comments box below!


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