Daily blog post- Weds 10th Feb 2016

Good evening! Or morning, or good whatever time of day it is for you!
I haven’t posted a Daily Blog Post for a while now, as I have been busy creating future post contents, but I thought for today, why the heck not! Not that I did anything of major interest but sharing is caring!

So today, Dan and myself took a little trip to a nearby seaside town called Worthing. For no particular reason then to pop into Wimpy for something to eat and take a walk along the prom. Now for those of you who are thinking, ‘What on earth is Wimpy?’, then let me divulge.
Wimpy is a restuarant/cafe franchise that has been around ever since I can remember, There used to be one in my home town but it closed down. Still there is one still up and running in Worthing. Their menu options haven’t really changed from the 1990’s, which is no bad thing in my opinion. They still do a Bender in a Bun, which is a frankfurter in a bun with chips. Though today I opted for their cooked breakfast option. It was spot on!

After our full bellies we then headed to the beach, which was only a short walk away. The wind had died down considerably since storm Imogen at the beginning of the week. But there was still remants of the storm as some of the promande was covered in stones.

Dan and myself walked along the seafront and I found an outdoor exercise area. Being the big kid that I am, I dived onto some of the equipment, like a rowing and a pull up machine. They also had this one, where you step onto either footing and hold onto a handle bar. Then you move your legs backwards and forwards. Once I got off the machine, my legs felt really weird, like I was drunk. Not the best feeling, but it soon wore off!
Pictured below is my goodself with a pirate statue that also happened to be by the exercise area. Couldn’t not have a photo taken with this fella!

Our destination was to a homeware store called The Range. Inside The Range is a treasure chest of a cornucopia of goodies, from decoration pieces for the home, to arts and crafts, to bedding, to kitchenware and so on. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, but do I love shops like these, so I couldn’t resist a snoop.
One of the things I did purchase was this trio of baskets that I have placed in the top draw of my chest of drawers and sorted my make up into each basket. Super organized!

Another item I purchased was a set of 4 beigey-grey heart shaped place mats to go with my heart print table cloth. I have tried to make my kitchen table look a bit Valentine’s inspired, just because I wanted to!

After The Range, Dan and myself then walked back to the train station in Worthing and caught the train home, where I promptly made my dinner, had a cup of tea and changed into my pj’s.
And that brings you up to date. Not sure what I have planned for tomorrow. Dan is out working, so I’m home alone. Pj day?!

Thanks for reading. Hope you’ve had a lovely day!


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  1. Tania Beck
    February 10, 2016 / 11:07 pm

    Wimpy is the best! Always a classic! That is the best part of Worthing beach in the summer, normally jammed with students when all I want to do is have a casual exercise! I bet it was cold down there?! The Range is a godsend of a place! The bits and pieces you got are lovely 🙂 Seems like a great day!P.s. PJ days are the best days!!! ;)Tania | teabee94.blogspot.co.uk x

    • Abbie Chic
      February 11, 2016 / 8:57 am

      Hi Tania, glad I've found another Wimpy lover! I love living on the South Coast, even if it is cold on the beach 😉 The best for beaches is Bournemouth in my opinion, no stones, just sand! But Brighton is good for the traditional British seaside feel. And yes, I'm still in my PJ's now! xx

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