Me the book worm!

So one of my loves in life is getting totally absorbed into a good book.

I have been known to read a whole 391 page book in 24 hours!
My choice of genre is Chick Lit. Anything with a relate-able female lead, looking for love and doesn’t always get it right. Sort of like a modern day Bridget Jones.
I have a collection of books by my favourite authors ranging from Marian Keyes to Sophie Kinsella.

The first author I really got into was Marian Keyes. If I can recall correctly I got a copy of I think ‘Watermelon’ free with a magazine many moons ago and ever since then I was hooked.
I love Marian’s wit and ability to create such believable characters, each with their own tale to tell. And she isn’t afraid to broach heavy topics such as death and drug addiction.
Marian has a real talent for weaving such unputtdownable stories, that I can get obsessed about wanting to read it until I get to the last page.

In 2008, I had the privilege to attend at writers evening at local college, where as part of the course for the students, they held an open evening with a special guest speaker. That special guest speaker was the lady herself, Marian.
Marian read an extract from her latest novel at the time, which I think was ‘This Charming Man’ and then I had the pleasure of meeting her afterwards and getting my book signed. Marian is a truly lovely lady and deserves her title as Queen of Chick Lit.
If you haven’t read one of her books, then why the hell not?! No, joking aside, you really must as she has so many under her belt and they are all in their own right little gems of reading.

Marian opened me to the world of chick lit, to heroine’s and heroes, to characters trying to make their way in the world, standing up against adversity all whilst trying to find Mr Right.

I later discovered the world of Sophie Kinsella and her series featuring a self confessed Shopaholic, Becky Bloomwood. I think Becky resounded with me as I still have a penchant for shopping, and at the time had debt and was avoiding the credit card companies like they had the plague.
Little tit bit, if you didn’t know, Sophie Kinsella is actually a pseudonym for Madeline Wickham, and is worth checking out Madeline’s books. (Also if you haven’t already, give the film ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ a go. It’s a film adaptation of the book of the same name and a real good girlie film).

Since then I have read Paige Toon, Claudia Carroll, Ali McNamara, Alexandra Potter, Freya North, Jan Costello, Jenny Colgan, Ali Harris, Jill Mansell, Harriet Evans and Dani Atkins.

I have left my favourite authors to last. They are Giovanna Fletcher, Cecelia Ahearn and Lindsey Kelk.
These three authors, who in my opinion have created their own individual brand and style of story telling. Giovanna has only written three novels to date, but each one is a beautifully told story, full of adventure, romance and not just your typical boy meets girl scenario.
Her characters have a real quality to them and she creates individual and slightly off beat concepts for her characters and in return are completely page turning. My favourite book she has written has to be her debut novel ‘You’re the one that I want’, as it spans a lifetime of three central characters and by the end of the book you feel like they are one of your own friends, least thats what I felt!

Cecelia Ahearn, like Giovanna, has created magical and fantastical worlds for her lead characters in each of her books. I like the fact that she thinks outside the box for story lines for her books, and whilst there could be the case that they end up sounding too airy fairy, she brings a lot of human interest and emotion into the plots, keeping the stories grounded.

Cecelia has also had ‘P.S. I love you’ and ‘Where rainbows end’, going by the film title, ‘Love Rosie’ made into films. I loved both of these films as I think they captured the books really well.

Lindsey Kelk has written a series of novels, in the ‘I heart’ series, featuring a central character called Angela Young. What I love about Lindsey’s writing, is that she can make really solid, believable and completely normal characters, that make me really feel they could be really out there in the real world.

Lindsey has also written some stand alone novels, both brilliant in their own right.
The pace, plots and believability, she gets spot on and I am eagerly awaiting her next novel to be released. And having met her at a book signing is super lovely!

I would love to hear what other authors and books in the Chick Lit genre people like and rate. If you have any recommendations, please leave me a comment!

Anyway I must go, got some bed time reading to do!

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