Shopping Haul | Final shop of 2015!

So today I headed to a local town to me called Worthing, which is on the south coast and rather blustery it was!

I did a bit of mooching around the shops. Not looking for anything in particular, but sometimes the fun is discovering new products. 

After traipsing Dan around the shops (he is the best and worst at shopping; patient which is good but uninterested in fashion which is not so good!). We stopped for some lunch in a restaurant called Wimpy.

Wimpy is a chain of restaurants/cafe’s which have been around since I can remember (I used to go as a kid and have fried egg on toast!). And their is still one in Worthing (my nearest one closed many years ago *sad face*). Once fed and watered we continued around the shops.

You can see what I brought in my video below. 

Once we (or I!) had finished looking around the shops, we braved the very blustery sea front and headed onto the pier. I wanted to take some photo’s as despite the weather, the sky looked pretty with the setting sun. I stood in what felt like gale force winds to get a few snaps.

After being battered by the wind, Dan and myself then headed off back towards the train station. We took a detour via the local Waitrose and picked up some dinner. We then continued back to the station and after a twenty or so minute wait as there was train delays we got on the train and arrived back home about half an hour later. 

And as it is New Years Eve, I have traditionally spent it at home, doing anything but celebrating! Not that I’m bah humbug about it, but it doesn’t have the same appeal to me as Christmas does. I have in recent years slept right through it! 

Still as I’m currently waiting for my vlog to upload I thought I would at least stay awake to see the New Year in!

I hope that you are/have had a fantastic start to the New Year and that 2016 brings everything that you wish for 🙂

Love Abbie xoxoxo

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