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Recently I discovered that H&M have revamped their beauty line and as a collector (sic) of beauty
items I thought a few purchases was necessary!
Since then I have picked up a few more pieces and have been loving them! What’s not to love. They are purse friendly, the packaging is super slick and the products themselves apply really well.
My favourite items are the crayon shimmer pencils, which are so easy to use (esp for an amateur like me!) and look v pretty.

The only downside is some of the more popular colours sell out, but there are so many other shades that you really shouldn’t struggle to create the look you’re after.

If you visit hm.com you can see the full assortment of products. Obvs it’s best to try the colours in a store (and end up with a hand covered in various shades of eye shadow!) but perhaps if I just need a top up then I can re-order online.

Anyway for store brought make up, I would definitely recommend. If only to look pretty in your make up collection!

Love to know what you think of the new range!


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