Daily Blog Post – Tues 26th Jan 2016

Today is my last day off before I am back to work after my few days off for annual leave. And it has been very much needed! Still, I have Thursday off and Sunday, then one week in and then another week off so I’m not going to complain!

My OOTD: Dungarees, Stripe jumper and faux fur jacket

Today I had arranged to go to Gunwharf in Portsmouth which is an outlet store village right next to the harbour. It has been ages since I have been shopping with both my mum and my sister, so I was eagerly looking forward to a little shopping trip with them.

I woke up at about 8am, got dressed and then did some work on my blog. At about 11:15am my sister, with my mum in tow turned up and collected me to drive us all to Portsmouth. It only takes about 20 odd mins to get to Portsmouth from my flat as it’s mostly motorway. We arrived and parked in a massive car park at Gunwharf, like was wondering how many people they plan on being at Gunwharf at any one time?! At this point it had started to rain so we decided to have a hot drink to keep dry before we hit the shops. We went into Cafe Nero and I had a yummy hot chocolate 🙂

We then visited various shops, including Gap, where I brought 3 jumpers (£6.99 each, bargain!) a pair of leggings, two vest tops and a hooded jumper and a t-shirt for Dan. Not that I needed more clothes but they were so cheap!

Other shops we visited were Cath Kidston (had to really!), HMV (where I brought Paper Towns on dvd) and Jack Wills.

After a couple of hours we admitted defeat and we headed back to my flat. On the way we stopped off at a local second hand furniture store run by a local hospice and I brought (with my sister paying half) a woven dressmakers dummy. I have always wanted one as I thought they would look great displaying clothes on. You can see what it looks like in the photo’s below.

Once home I then popped back into town with Dan to get some dinner from Tesco Express. There is only a M&S in the centre of town. The nearest supermarkets are on the out skirts and in this weather we opted for convenience! I then came home, got into some lounge wear and snuggled up on the sofa to watch Paper Towns. I enjoyed it as it is a great coming of age film and Cara Delevigne definitely showed she is more than a pretty face. I would recommend it but it’s not a classic by any means.

Now I’m writing this blog and looking forward to my dinner as I’m starving Marvin! Anyway I had a lovely day out. I hope you’ve had/having a good day too.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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