Daily Blog Post- Tuesday 19th January 2016

Evening all. So Daily Blog Post #2! And what have I been up to today? Well let me fill you in…

After getting ready for work, I waited outside for my colleague and whilst there was a chill in the air, I couldn’t help but admire the clear blue sky and snapped a photo. So pretty at this time of year (when it’s not raining!). And I also snapped my out fit as well (well I had to do something while I waited!)

Work was fine, and included a tour of a local children’s hospice as part of our community work myself and my colleague do. It was a humbling experience seeing all the fantastic work the hospice team does in times of real need. The hospice is so well designed, with really thought out activity rooms and they have thought of everything. It’s set in beautiful grounds and I can see how valuable it is to families for some respite and to the children that use the hospice. I’m a big believer and supporter of hospice’s and would like to distil the myth that’s its just all about dying. Of course there is that element, but another local hospice also helps people who are end of life, but perhaps instead have life limiting disabilities/illnesses and do a lot of work in peoples homes. Everyone who works in these hospice’s are so kind and to think it is free to stay at these hospices. Fundraising is a lifeline to them to ensure they can keep their doors open.

Anyway on a lighter note, I did collect my Olivia Burton watch, which you can see here. The boxes it came in are so pretty. The watch is lovely and I love the colours. It is actually a bit smaller then I imagined (the clock face is) but I do need to replace my tatty old watch and this I do like it, so on my wrist it stays!

When I got home, I did the usual, put my pj’s on straight away and have a cup of tea 🙂 I had my hair in a bun all day, so I thought I would wear it down for the evening and put it up in a plaited half up do… (quite proud of my attempt as I’m normally rubbish at doing my hair!).

And that is where I’m at at the mo. Sitting at my desk, listening to Kisstory on my DAB radio and writing this blog! And I thought I would include a cheesy selfie with my desk area behind (as you do!). 

Work tomorrow, then I’m on annual leave for a few days, so hopefully I can bring you some slightly more interesting daily blogs and I endeavour to so a blog or two with a fashion/food/make up theme (not decided yet! Let me know if you have any suggestions).

Until tomorrow,


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