Daily Blog Post – Thurs 28th Jan 2016

Today thankfully the sun decided to make an appearance! Yesterday it rained pretty much all day and today was clear and bright, but blinking chilly!

Being that I had the day off, I thought it would be an ideal day for a winters walk. And an ideal place for a walk is Arundel in West Sussex. Arundel is a small town with a pretty big castle and a cathedral. In the warmer months the castle is open to the public, and I have been around the castle before and would recommend it if you ever visit the area.

Myself and Dan set off, with camera’s in tow to the train station to get to Arundel. After about 50 minutes we arrived. We would of arrived sooner if the train we wanted to catch wasn’t cancelled!

We headed towards the castle and decided we made a poor decision in walking along the river bank as it was super muddy and slippery. We turned off at the nearest exit (into a car park) and continued on much cleaner ground towards the castle. Even just walking outside the castle, it looks fantastic and very photogenic.

Dan and myself walked towards a lake called Swanbourne and took some snaps as we walked along, which I have shared below. Now I’m no nature photographer but I did my best to capture the wildlife in action!

After an hour or so of walking to, around and back from the lake we walked into the town centre and had a browse around some of the shops. If you love your high street chains, then I’m afraid Arundel will disappoint, but if you like traditional, independent shops, then you will be in your element.

My favourite shop in Arundel is called Sparks Yard and have two floors of goodies, with a cafe on the top floor. They sell ornaments, jewellery, knick knacks, gadgets, kitchen and homeware.
A pair of gold heart earrings took my fancy, along with a small canvas pouch with a pint heart print, which quickly became purchases. I also wanted to buy a white ‘A’ ornament with lights but they were out of stock 🙁 All other lets were in stock, why the A’s?!

We then headed back home on the train and stopped off for a bite to eat in Nando’s once back in our home town. Bellies full we headed home, where once indoors, I swapped straight into my pj’s. Which I discovered had shrunk. Ankle swingers was not the look I am going for! Later noticed it did say on the wash label not to tumble dry, doh! Dan since found a way online on how to unshrink clothes. Something involving baby shampoo and towels!

Now I’m here writing this to you and hoping to hit the hay shortly. All the walking has tired me out!

Oh I also want to add that I’m inching closer to 2000 followers on Twitter. For little ole me that is something quite phenomenal! And as promised I will send to one follower when I hit 2k a special gift to say thank you. I don’t want to say what it is as I don’t want to spoil what it is, but let’s just say it should be helpful for anyone who likes to be organised! And it’s too tempting to keep for myself. I do hope the lucky recipient will like and if they show on line that would be awesome then you can see what they got!

So I’ll sign off now as I need my bed! Until next time,


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