50 things about me!

So you have discovered my little piece of the interweb, so I guess it is only right to give you a little insight to who Abbie Chic is. And what better way than with 50 things about me!

Really don’t know if I can think of 5 things, let alone 50, but here goes…


1. I have lived in 5 different flats/houses in the last 15 years

2. Two of those flats were right opposite the beach (literally across the road!)

3. My favourite colour is pink (pale not dark btw!)

4. I used to have cats as pets growing up, and would love to have another one

5. I’m 5ft 3in tall

6. And a size 5 in footwear

7. I have been in the audience of CD:UK and Smash Hit’s TV (remember them?!)

8. Where at CD:UK whilst Victoria Beckham was performing, I stood next to Mel C in the audience!

9. I can not drive and have been using public transport all my life

10. I have a fear of flying, so most holidays are stay-cations

11. I have one sibling, an older sister

12. I once auditioned to be in a kids quiz show called Fanatic but was far too shy in the audition

13. My favourite drink is a cup of tea

14. I once burned down my bedroom with a candle (accidental mind!)

15. Before my phobia of flying really kicked in I had visited Dubai twice

16. My two favourite British towns are Bournemouth and Brighton

17. I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I left school, and now 15 years on I’m still trying to figure it out!

18. I have been with my husband for 15 years this year

19. And we have been married for just over a year and a half

20. Where we got married on Friday 13th on our 13th anniversary

21. I used to write fan fiction when I was younger about my favourite band at the time 911 (and this was pre-internet, so I didn’t know fan fiction was a thing!)

22. I used to idolise the Spice Girls and covered my bedroom walls in their posters as a teenager

23. I completed a 10 mile walk and a 5km run for charity last year.

24. My first job was working as a waitress in a beach cafe

25. My second job was a sales assistant at Warehouse (the now slightly defunct clothes store)

26. When I was very little I wanted to be a Fire Engine or a Hair Drier (I think I meant Fire Woman or Hairdresser)

27. I took me a long time to figure out what YOLO meant (I still don’t know what Fleek means!)

28. I have had my hair cut to an ear length bob twice in my life time and this time I vow to grow it long and not to get it cut that short again

29. My favourite jewellery is Pandora and I have collected a lot of charms of the years

30. I have never been skiing, golfing or scuba diving (I’m not an adventurous person)

31. I have my ears pierced just the once

32. I used to die my hair all the time, even dyed it twice in one day when the colour went wrong, but I have been au natural for the last couple of years

33. I do not like using the London Underground and try to avoid it

34. My favourite band currently is Maroon 5

35. I do not watch British soaps but opt for the American sit coms like Big Bang Theory and New Girl instead

36. My favourite film of all time is Moulin Rouge.

37. The furthest north in the UK I have been is Manchester, the furthest east is Norfolk, the furthest south is Isle of Wight and furthest west is Cardigan Bay in Wales

38. I like to think I have good sense of direction and geography was one of my better subjects at school

39. I have brown hair and eyes like my mother who originates from Serbia, thought I do have a lot of my dad’s British physical characteristics

40. My best friend and myself where once in a photo shoot for a teen magazine that many years ago that shortly afterwards went bust (like to think we had not input into that!)

41. I love shopping on the high street and my favourite shop is any where that sells pyjama’s!

42. I also the Cath Kidston stores

43. I can’t cook and won’t cook (unless it’s baking cakes!)

44. I helped serve lunch in a local Age UK centre during December last year

45. And I pay monthly to RSPCA and Cat’s Protection (I like to help where I can)

46. I think of myself of an caring and empathic person. And get anxious is someone is upset or not happy.

47. I do homesick when away from home and love my creature comforts

48. My first mobile phone was an Ericsson A1018s (look it up and see how much a of brick it was!)

49. I am useless at saving money, though if I won the lottery I would like to be cautious of how I spend it

And number 50. My dream is to live a lovely house of our own, with the husband a pet cat!


Well done if you mad it all the way to number 50! I hope that give’s you some random insight into who I am and I would like to know some interesting things about you, so feel free to leave a comment below.





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