Shopping in Southampton

Shopping is a bit like marmite, you either love it or you hate it. I fall into the former. Shopping for me is actually like therapy. They don’t call it retail therapy for nothing!

I’m someone who likes instant gratification, rather than waiting for something, I get impatient and want everything and now. So shopping can fill like a quick fix to that need.

I would say shopping is my only vice. I don’t smoke, hardly drink, have no tattoo’s, don’t take drugs and only have my ear pierced once. I’m what you would call ‘clean cut’. But shopping is my downfall.

I like looking around shops, checking out all the pretty things, trying on clothes, seeing new make up and admiring all the stuff I would like to buy for my dream home. I’ve worked in retail for over 13 years now, and even on my days off I like a good browse around the shops. I hope I’m not coming off too superficial, as I do like to sniff out a good bargain or an exciting new product.

For example, I recently visited Southampton again and had a good look around the shops to see what festive goods they had to offer.

Below are some photo’s of some of the item’s and displays that caught my eye. What I did see, was a Victoria’s Secret and Pink Boutique had opened. Being that I have only seen the stock online, being able to visit a store was great. I loved the visual merchandising and some of the stock in Pink Boutique was fun and playful, like in the photo below.

What I ended up purchasing included some items from Pink Boutique, a white Christmas jumper from H&M, a white Christmas jumper with little gingerbread men on the front from Primark and some make up from H&M’s new make up collection.

Anyway I hope you like the pics! My next post should be my Christmas cakes I am making tomorrow (if they turn out any good that is!).

Love Abbie xoxoxo




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Pink Boutique

Victoria’s Secret

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