Santa Run!

Today I completed a 5km run in aid of a local hospice called St Wilfrids. The run was held in a near by open air museum called Weald and Downland. I think I speak on behalf of all the participants, when I say we were grateful for the weather. It was dry and not too cold. Though from the previous nights rain, the paths were rather muddy.

The race entailed three laps around the perimeter of the museum, going up some hilly climbs along the way. I had donned myself in running leggings, top and jacket and my trainers, and finished with a rather fetching Santa suit.

I met up with Phil, who is one of my work colleagues and also taking part, at the venue and we had a bit of a group warm up session before the start of the race. We were all sent a map of the course in the post and I think most of us thought it would be one circuit, but we were informed that it actually three circuits!
I, with all the other participants headed to the start line, counted down from 5 to 1 and headed off. Now I will confess, I’m not a seasoned runner. Or any runner at all. I don’t exercise. I walk every where as I don’t drive, but being energetic is not my forte. So as I approached the first straight I was already breathing heavy and feeling exhausted. Added to the fact that I made the biggest rookie mistake by not eating anything before hand and I was falling into the back of the group!

After making my way around the first lap and approaching the start/finish line, I passed Dan and stopped and said ‘I feel like I’m going to pass out’ but Dan spurred me on and off I went onto the second lap. I had slowed to a walking pace at this point. I really did want to run, but when I tried to, I felt a bit light headed so I kept to a brisk walk. I wasn’t the only one though, I did notice a few others walking along. As the this event was for charity and I believe it is the taking part and fundraising that is the important part, I tried not to worry myself by not running.

Eventually I made it towards the finish line, after 42 minutes, where Phil and a fair amount of others had already finished. Though I thought I might of been one of the last to finish, I realised I wasn’t as people were crossing the line a good 10 minutes or so after me.

Dan had kindly gone to the museum cafe part way through and handed me a Kit Kat and a bottle of water, which I think helped me make it to the end!

After all that exertion, I have a new found respect for runners, especially long distance. How they maintain such pace and have such stamina is beyond me! Fair to say I will look forward to taking part in the hospice’s 10 mile walk next May, much more my speed!

Afterwards I went for a late lunch in a cafe in town and had scrambled eggs on toast. I did need that!

All in all, it was good fun and it meant I had managed to raise some money for the hospice. Though if I take part next year, I will train before and make sure I eat something!

Anyway I have included some photo’s and a short video of me finishing. Hope you like!

Love Abbie xoxoxo

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