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Recently I visited a local garden centre to have brunch for my sister’s birthday. This garden centre called Russell’s, near Chichester has a cafe that does the best cooked food. The roast’s are perfect and their breakfasts are amazing too!

I normally visit there for family get together meals and the staff are really friendly and attentive.
My sister happened to be turning an age where I don’t feel old enough to have an sister of her age (39 she is now). She will always be my big sister, but I still think of her as my sister who when I was as a small child would look up to and think ‘when I’m 16 I want to be like that’ and fast foward a number of years and here we are all fully grown up (well we can pretend!) and one of us is even married (me btw!).

Anyway back to Russell’s, me and Dan ended up wearing Christmas jumpers to brunch. Totally unintentional, but we both also ended up wearing ones with ginger bread men on them! We had had a lovely meal there, then Dan and myself went back home, then we popped into town, did a bit of shopping.  I was on the hunt for some sweetie scoops for the Christmas party later that evening, but alas I could not find any. Once the heavens opened we headed home, where I watched some tv, then Lucy came and picked me up and we went into work.
We packed all the stuff we needed for the Christmas party into her car and my manager also took some too. We then drove to the venue unloaded the goods (if slightly early- the pub still had customers in there!) and once it turned to 5pm and the pub closed, myself and a few other colleagues went about setting up the pub ready for staff to arrive at 6:30pm. In that time, myself and Lucy went back to mine to get dressed and ready for the evenings events.
All in all the party was a huge success and everyone had a great time.

Anyway I digressed some what. Continuing at Russell’s;  As well as plant’s as it is an garden centre, they also have great home ware pieces too. I love having a look round at all the little bits and pieces. Any way I wanted to share below some of the great item’s I saw. Certainly has an element of shabby chic!

I hope you like some of what I saw below.

Love Abbie xoxoxo

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