From the beginning…this is me.

On a Boxing Day afternoon I’m having a bit of reflection and I am thinking that I should add some background to who Abbie Chic is, otherwise I feel this blog is a bit one dimensional.

To start things off, I am 31 years old and live in a picturesque town called Chichester in West Sussex, England. Being 31 means I was born in 1984 and grew up in an pre-internet era. A childhood that consisted of playing out in the street, dressing up as the Spice Girls and watching Live and Kicking on a Saturday morning. This was a time when mobile phones were associated with city bankers and were the shape and size of a brick.
My parents are divorced and separated when I was three years old. I have no real memories of this, as I have grown up living with my mum and older sister and visiting my dad on Saturdays.
I went to the local primary school and then to the ‘big school’ where I studied for my GCSE’s.

Throughout my school years I spent my free time with my best friend Cassie, where were obsessed over 911 and the Backstreet Boys. Recorded the chart show off the radio every Sunday to cassette tape and went to many a pop concert.

After completing my GCSE’s, most of my school

friends went off to the local college. I was unsure of what direction to take, and I too followed in their footsteps. But after realising that this was a step too far out of my comfort zone, I returned back to ‘big school’ to complete a Business Studies course and English and Literature course. After a year of 6th form and trying to forge new friendships (a group of students I knew loosely from years earlier kindly took me into their fold and for that I’m still grateful), I left school and headed into the big wide world.

Also at this time I was temporarily living in the near by town, as due to my own ignorance, I accidentally set fire to my bedroom! Luckily no-one was injured, including my two cats, but my bedroom was gutted. My mum and myself who were living at home (my one other sibling, my older sister had moved out a few years earlier) had to move into a flat in town whilst my bedroom and the smoke damage in the upstairs rooms was fixed.
It was through one of my other very good childhood friends Lauren, that I met Dan, my husband. She actually liked Dan herself and upon meeting Dan, I liked him too. But hoes before bros, as the saying goes and I didn’t want to make a move without her being ok with it, as Dan had confessed he liked me too. After a while Lauren had given her blessing and the rest they say is history.

I the May of 2002 I started a part time job in a new Warehouse shop that opened in Chichester. The store has since closed and re-opened as sofa shop, but at Warehouse I learnt a lot about retail, the cycle of fashion, customer service and how to work in a business. I spent just over 5 years there, managing the store in my managers absence and but in 2007 I was looking for further progression.
I’m not an overtly ambitious person. At time’s I wish I was, then I perhaps would have a more senior position now and be earning a far higher wage then I currently do. But maybe it’s a lack of confidence or maybe never knowing what I actually want to do as a job or a mixture of the both. But I felt like I needed a new scene.

I then applied for a job at H&M in the same town, which had only opened a few months previously and after an interview which was more like a chat, then a grilling with the branch manager I was offered the job as finance admin assistant. I worked at H&M for a further 4 and had years, learning even more about retail and honing my skills. I worked up to a floor manager but again was looking for more opportunities and in November 2011 I applied for a sales position at John Lewis, which was opening in Chichester in the following Spring.
I had heard so much positive reviews of John Lewis, that I had everything crossed to be considered for an assessment. And luckily my prayers were answered and I got offered a selling position on the ground floor.
I had such pride to be part of such a prestigious store, as so many customers were welcoming the store with open arms to the local area.

During this time I was spending more and more time with Dan in his flat and gradually I spent more and more time there, that moving in together was a gradual progression.
We have lived in a flat right beside the seaside, another flat around the corner from that flat, a house in Chichester and now a modern flat right by the town centre.
Moving is never something we enjoy doing (who does?!) but being that we rent (we simply do not have the funds to get a mortgage) we often have to up sticks.
I spent many years being quite content on renting as I didn’t like the idea of buying a house, (should I had the money too!) as I thought that was quite grown up and a big thing to do. Renting meant you were more free to move around. But maybe it’s age or just the frustration of not having somewhere to call your own, but the idea (as daunting as having such a debt is) of having your own home to do as you please does seem more and more appealing. If it was to mean that I can have a cat (renting is not conducive to this) then I’m there!

This brings us up to date and as I enjoy being creative and writing has always been a passion of mine (in my bedroom fire I lost my PC and though I might blowing my own trumpet, a great story I was writing on it). I’ve seen many other great blogs out there and I one that I take inspiration from is from Zoella. I feel a certain infinity to Zoella. Like myself, we don’t smoke, drink, take drugs or have tattoo’s. I also feel we have the similar insecurities and anxieties.  Not that I’m saying this is something to shout about, but there is some comfort in knowing that you’re not the only one who feels negative and worried about things. We both like fashion, make up and animals, so I hope if you like Zoella, you may like me!

Anyway a massive thank you for reading this far! I hope you continue to visit my blog and I if you would like me to follow your blog please leave a message below!


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