Autumnal Bedding :)

As the evenings are getting darker, colder and if this evening is anything to go by, rainier, then for me at least, I like to be home, warm and cosy.

So what better then nice, new autumnal bedding? Today I visited a huuuge Asda (and this one wasn’t called a superstore for nothing!) and they had all this amazing homeware section (not to mention clothing- but this is a lifestyle blog so I’ll stick to topic). I had previously been looking on their website and wanted to visit the store to see the items up close, and it was like being in their website but being able to actually touch everything (if that makes any sense!). 

I had seen on one of Zoella’s vlogs recently, of her house tour, that she had a duvet cover from Asda. So when I saw this in the store I thought ‘if it’s good enough for Zoe, it’s good enough for me’ and popped that in my trolley. Take a look at Zoe’s vlog here to see how she has styled hers.

Here are some snaps of mine. And I’ve included a snap of my autumnal bedside table too.

Hope you like!

Love Abbie xoxoxo

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