And I’m back!

My apologies for the radio silence of recent, my only excuse is I work in retail and it’s been getting busy and is only going to get busier! I’ve had 13 years of working in retail at Christmas and it’s all hands on deck as the festive period creeps up.

So what have I been up to other then working in the last couple of weeks? Well, let me scratch my noggin box for a moment and think…I have been to Brighton again yesterday. Photo’s will be below. I have also been trying to keep warm from the cold winter weather that has set in. Had to put the heating on yesterday for the first time since, maybe March this year. Hmm, what else? Trying to decide what to wear to our works Christmas party. (Still not decided!). Sure I will share my final choice when I do indeed make it!

Talking of Christmas I have put up my Christmas tree. Yes, some might say it’s a bit premature but I like having the main lights off and the Christmas tree lights on twinkling in the background. I brought some great lights from John Lewis. They are in clusters and are LED. They also have 8 different light settings, so you can go full on rave mode, or soft twinkling or just static. 

Every year I try to go for a different colour theme and this year I have chosen silver, complimented with white an pale pink. Girly but classy I would say. Or Girlassy! (What ever!).

Part of my job role is to work with the local community and help create some ‘theatre’ in my place of work. So what did I do?! I organised the two ugly sisters from Worthing Pavilions production of Cinderella into our shop to meet and greet our customers. They were loud and proud, in full character mode and costume and made the customers chuckle (surprisingly a lot of customers took photo’s which was great).

My colleague and myself have also been organising our shop’s Christmas party, which is hush hush on our plans, but that has involved us thinking creatively and covertly as not to give too much away!

I also visited a town about an hours drive away and helped support a customer evening event on the shops opening day. It was great fun and I got to meet lot’s of lovely people. It was also a long day and the 11pm MacDonald’s stop was very much needed! There was lot’s to do, but felt like a real team effort to ensure everything ran smoothly and the customers had a great time. 

The other night Dan and myself had a nice chill out on the sofa and watched the Minions movie (the most recent one) and if you need a feel good film, with lots of laughs, then I would definitely suggest giving it a watch. Great for the kids and the grown up kids too!

I’m sure there’s more I could mention, but I don’t want to waffle too much. I hope to post again real soon with something of a bit more of an interest. If you have any suggestions for a post idea, please do let me know.

Till next time,

Love Abbie xoxoxoxo

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    December 22, 2015 / 5:21 am

    Thanks for putting this together.!

  2. Abbie Jones
    December 23, 2015 / 4:24 pm

    Thanks Sandra 🙂

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