Pudsey Bear for Pandora

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I am an avid lover of Pandora jewellery and have been collecting the charms for my bracelets for about five years. I was kindly given a couple of charms and a bracelet to wear them on for a Christmas present from my sister and my dad, a few years ago and have since been adding to my collection. (I’ve been very lucky in the past to receive charms for birthdays and for Christmas).

I love that there are so many different charms and you can make the bracelet really personal by putting on charms that have a relevance to the wearer. For example I have some love themed ones from my husband and an angel and tortoise from my sister. I have also brought myself as well, for example the tiara charm to go with my tiara ring. (Gotta co-ordinate!).

Today I purchased a Pudsey bear charm, which has been released to support Children in Need (FYI CiN is an annual telethon, raising money to support disabled and young people in the UK). The charm is £40, with 20% of the cost going to CiN.
Pudsey bear is the mascot for CiN and is ever so cute, even as a charm. I must admit I’ve not had a new charm for some time, so I liked that my newest one is also supporting such a great cause.

I love Pandora, do you too? Do you have a favourite type of jewellery to wear? Whatever you’re style, I’d love to know!

Love Abbie xoxoxo

Pudsey Bear Pandora Charm

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