My weekend

So this weekend has been the end of my week off, before returning to work. So myself and Dan have taken it easy and chilled out.
Yesterday we went into our local town in the search of some food, and we ended up in Belle Isle (an eatery with a relaxed, chilled environment). Whilst their menu isn’t as extensive as other eateries, what they do have is yummy! I opted for my favourite option which is Ericeira Chicken, which is a chicken breast in a mild Portuguese marinade in a toasted flatbread, with skinny fries and coleslaw. I’m not very adventurous with food. I tend to stick to my creature comforts like pizza, pasta and potatoes (carb overload!). But I tried this a while ago and loved it. After much umming and ahhing from Dan, he opted for the Alabama hotpot.
My mum makes a soup, which for as long as I can remember has been called ‘Orange soup’ and I absolutely love it, and I have now realised it is basically an Alabama hotpot! Don’t know if my mum knows that or if it’s a coincidence!

After this I took a trip into House of Fraser, as I was looking for a new winter coat (getting cold and dark now!) and brought a khaki one (pictured below) from Miss Selfridge. Pretty cool, as they also had 20% off promotion too!

The rest of the day was chilling at home, watching TV, going online and the all important, changing of the bed linens (normally a Sunday job, but hey I like to mix it up!).

So far today Dan and myself have had brunch in a lovely little cafe called Charley Harpers, where I had scrambled eggs on toast and Dan had the full monty (and some of mine!).  We then headed into Pandora to buy my Pudsey charm (see previous post for more info).

After that we went for a walk into some lovely gardens by the Cathedral to burn off some calories! The gardens in the summer have beautiful flowers in so many colours, but now it’s October, it looks a little drab, but the tree’s were stunning shades of reds, yellows and greens.

We then headed back to the direction of home, whilst taking a minor detour into Superdrug. I was on the hunt for some new make up brushes. I have a very sorry for it’s self collection and thought it was about time I got the tools that I needed. I headed to the usual make up brushes section and they didn’t have a lot, and what they did have was from £18 upwards. Bit beyond my budget!

I then had a moment of brilliance (very rare!) and looked at the Christmas gifts section, where there was a whole array of make up brushes sets, at much more purse friendly prices.

I ended up with a set from Studio London, which I have photographed and for the price is amazing! 

I have then spent the afternoon/evening working on  my blog. Being that I’m back to work tomorrow and I have a busy week ahead, I wanted to get something out to you whilst I had the time.

Dan has been keeping himself occupied by playing his new game Assassins Creed Syndicate. This game is set in London around 100 years ago and the graphics are amazing. So detailed and the game developers have made it to scale and as as accurate to the time period as they could.

Basically you can go around in horse and cart or by foot around the streets of London. I love the Assassin Creeds games anyway, but this one is so cool as it is set in London.

Dan took the lead character on top of Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square (literally on Nelson’s head) and had 360 degree view of old London. I took a pic below to try and show the detail there is.

Hope you’re having a great weekend and I would love to know what you have been up to!

Love Abbie xoxoxo

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