Love from Paris by Alexandra Potter- My book review

I’ll confess that I am a lover of ‘Chick Lit’ books. I have a fair few to my collection, from Cecelia Ahearn to Marian Keyes, and all the fab authors in between.

And recently I have just finished the latest book from Alexandra Potter. Alex has 11 books under her belt including; ‘Me and Mr Darcy’ and ‘The Love Detective’. I have yet to read all her novels, but the one’s I have read so far have definitely been well worth the read.

Now, for those of you who may go to on to read Love from Paris, I don’t want to give away any spoilers or reveal too much of the story. So my review is limited to avoid this…

When I pick up a new book, especially by an author I love, I tend to avoid reading the blurb as I like to have the story be a surprise and unravel as I read it. Obviously the covers tend to give a hint to what the story is about, but I like to find out the rest of the plot page by page.

So I began Love from Paris, with not much indication what the story would contain. It soon came to light that it centred around Ruby Miller, from Alex’s previous novel, The Love Detective. And you will know from the title that it is set in modern day Paris.
Without going into too much detail, the story kept me gripped, as I had that wanting to know what happens next syndrome, almost on every page.
The story has good pace, great secondary characters and though I have never been to Paris myself, I felt I could easily imagine the beautiful scenery that Ruby was set in.  There is love and intrigue throughout the story with two main story lines running throughout. Alex has created a wonderful novel, that keeps you guessing and renews your faith in love lasting a lifetime.
All in all, I know I’ve read a great book, when I keep wanting to read it and I finish it within a couple of days (by contrast I have some books I have started over a year ago and yet to finish as they didn’t hook me in) and Love from Paris I zoomed through, which is definitely a thumbs up!

I would advise reading The Love Detective to set up some of the characters first, but it’t not crucial as I feel the story makes sense as a stand alone book. Alex has announced on social media that there will be a third novel, as a follow up and she is looking for a third destination to base it in. My suggestion is the States, as it is large enough to capture some iconic land marks and cities and one of the main characters is from the US. I guess we will have to eagerly wait and see!

You can find Alex’s novels at Amazon.

Have you read any good books recently? If so, I’d love to know what you recommend.

Love Abbie xoxoxo

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