So far this week (and it’s only Monday)

So today I have been to work, pretty standard, but still been suffering from a rather dodgy throat. Now, I’ve had tonsillitis before (and it’s grim, very grim) and I’m hoping it’s not the start of that, but there’s something definitely not right going on in there. I keep coughing to clear my throat (and have been since last Monday) and well, I won’t divulge any further info as it might be a case of TMI.
I’ve got a doctors appointment tomorrow morning to have it checked out, but unless I know I have a real medical condition, I get anxious that the doctor will a)tell me I’m fine, when I feel I’m not or b)say he needs to do ‘further tests’ or says it’s something bad or anything in between. So will see how that goes.

On the up side, I am awaiting a very special delivery to work tomorrow for myself. My work has joined the wonders of Google+ and one of the local branches was auctioning of a Sylvanian Families set on one of the groups on there. It comes complete with various cute animal figures and furniture, all in the setting of a shop, cased in an clear acrylic box. I am thinking it may of been on display in the toy department at one stage?
Any how. I won the bid and donated my bid to a justgiving page that was set up in aid of a local Barnardo’s shop. So once I get that, be sure there will be pictures 🙂

I hope they don’t move out of place whilst in transit to me!

This evening, whilst on the sofa, resting my poorly self (oh bring on the violins!) I was browsing online for some Halloween invitations. Dan and myself in previous years have tried to have Halloween parties, but for one reason or another they never came into fruition, So this year I will try again.
I don’t have a large flat, but it is nice, if I say so myself (I have lived in some quite ropey flats before), so I am aiming on inviting a handful of my nearest and dearest to a Halloween themed party. I quite like the idea of fancy dress, scary looking food and some spooky fun.
Dan and myself also have some Polaroid films left from out wedding and Dan has the set up for green screen and some professional lighting, so I might try to set up some kind of photo booth (Poundland fancy dress here I come!) and I also found my missing Polaroid camera that I have been looking for ever since before our wedding (which was in June last year!).
So anyway back to the invitations. I have searched all across my local town centre for Halloween party invitations, and nothing. Not even a bean. Tried all the obvious outlets, Even a shop that sells only Halloween themed products and not an invitation in sight. So after some searching online I came across some invitations from a company based in Brighton, East Sussex through They are very reasonable in price and I hope they will be delivered this week.

Also at work this week we are having three separate Macmillan Coffee Mornings. The official event which is celebrated nationally through various different businesses, schools and individuals is on this coming Friday 25th September. Last year Macmillan raised over £25million pounds through their Coffee Morning events, so this year I hope they do even better!
The aim is to make/bake cakes for a coffee morning to share with others and for those others to then make a donation for said cake, with the donations going to Macmillan to fund their fantastic services to ‘provide medical, emotional, practical and financial support, as well as campaigning for better cancer care’. Find out more here.
As Thursday is my day off this week, my plan is to get baking for Friday! Now, I’m not very good at cake baking (they tend to be under or over cooked, even if I think I’ve followed the recipe to the letter) and my cake decorating has a lot to be desired. If Sharon from Daisychain’s Cakes makes some then I will deem the events a success as no-one can turn down her cakes!
I will photograph or if I’m feeling brave video record my attempt at a cake. If you have any suggestions for what I should bake, bear in mind I class my self as beginner, I would love to know.
I also will photograph all the lovely cakes that my colleagues make too.

So that’s it so far. Fingers crossed all is good at the doctors and I will be back with photo’s of my new Sylvanian friends. (Still a child at heart!).

Love Abbie xoxoxo

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