I’ve got a handle on this!

As you may of guessed, I do love shabby chic interiors and accessories. So I was inspired to update an chest of drawers I own.

This chest of drawers I brought, along with an Ikea dining table and four chairs and a blanket box from a previous land lady, all for £100! All in perfect order. Now, this draw set is varnished with a dark wood colour and was looking a bit lacking in design, so I have hunted down some very pretty and chic draw handles and with the help of Dan (me, DIY, who you kidding? Actually I put together Dan’s desk by myself, so I think I’m ok).

Grey, pink, gold and clear handles from Hudson Grey in Chichester, Pink/white round handle from Zara at home

The end result adds a bit more of a feminine touch to the draws. I would love to sand down and repaint in a lighter colour the whole chest of draws, but in a rented flat, I wouldn’t trust that I could keep paint solely on the draws! So I’ll leave that project for a more convenient time.

I’ve also moved a few furniture items around in my room to make better use of the space and on doing so I have utilised the top of the chest of draws to place my make up and dressed it a little.

I’ve included in this blog a few photo’s of what I have been busy doing this Saturday afternoon.

Anyway that’s all for this short but sweet blog post. Until next time.

Love Abbie xoxoxo

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