Feeling a bit ghoulish!

Since my last post I have been to visit the doctors, which resulted in being, as expected told that I seemed ok and to go on my merry way. So I am self medicating myself with some over the counter throat sweets and hoping I can kick this, what ever it is, in the butt myself.

In the mean time I have been planning for a Halloween party. As I mentioned previously I was awaiting the delivery of my Halloween invitations, and in no time at all (I ordered on Monday evening and they arrived Wednesday morning) they arrived. And very pleased that I am. They are more like postcards, but still plenty of room to write on the back.

I found fun verse to use on the invitations and dug out my trusty label printing machine.

I brought this label printer back last summer to use for my wedding invitations and it is so useful. The labels come in two sizes and you just load the CD onto your computer, install and start using the software. I have printed all the wording for my Halloween invites using my label printer, saves writing out each one and my handwriting really will not suffice!

You can find the printer I use here

The company I have used for my Halloween invitations is called OH!Studios Designs and are based in Brighton, East Sussex. I would definitely recommend them as they are very prompt and friendly. I ordered two sets of 10 invitations and actually received an extra 5 for free! Bonus! You can find the invitations here and follow them on twitter at @ohstudiodesign

I have also brought a load of Halloween decorations from Poundland (it’s for one evening so don’t want to spend too much!) and got quite a lot of goodies as you can see from the photo below. I plan on getting more food nearer the time, but I can imagine leave it any longer and they will sell out. Early bird and all that.

Do you have any plans for Halloween? Are you going to or having a party of going trick or treating? I’d love to know your plans!

Love Abbie xoxoxo

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