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11 February 2018 Chichester, UK

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I'll be the first to admit I'm a lover of make up, but when it come's to the application of said products I am not the best. Looking over social media there are endless photographs of females (and males) with expertly applied make up. This to me is a skill and not one I have accomplished myself.

That said I do love playing with new products and hoping somehow applying it will transform me into a Kardashian. It never happens, but still I try!

I've got some hero products that I am currently using, so read on to see what they are...

DIY Home Spa

4 February 2018 Chichester, UK

You know when you feel like you need a good old pamper? Something to make you feel in a zen like state and all refreshed and revived. I had that desire recently, so I took to making my bathroom into a home spa.
Who has the cash to splash out on a Champney's spa treatment? Not me for sure. So I DIY my own chill out session and here's what I did to give you some inspo should you want to recreate your own one...

First things first, you need a good bath tub full of hot water and lot's and lot's of bubbles. I used Champney's (see I can afford this!) A Well Earned Treat bubble bath. This smells so sweet and fragrant, it's a must. I also make sure I've got my fave body wash Imperial Leathers Marshmallow shower cream. This is normally on sale for a £1 in most drug stores and smells just like a tube of marshmallows :) 

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