Searching for a sense of style- Part II

28 January 2018 Chichester, UK

If you've seen my previous blog post, you'll see I currently have a girl crush on this fellow blogger here, Zoe. I love Zoe's relaxed look, she nails it perfectly. And I have been experimenting myself with using her as inspiration.

So here I have recreated using the website Polyvore, three of what I would call Zoe's signature looks.
When you break it down, it does help to understand how she pulls these looks together.
There is a mixture of smart meets casual, with beat up trainers and distressed denim, to floaty tops and blazers to add a bit of structure. Teamed with ethnic and bohohemian jewelery and always a statement hand bag.
Complete with bed head hair and you have a modern relaxed and chic look.

Searching for a sense of style- Part I

21 January 2018 Chichester, UK

As you may of seen from my posts, I’m certainly no trend setter.
In fact I couldn’t tell you what the latest trends are. And so you get to my age (33 in case your wondering) and if you’re like me you start settling for comfort and relaxed clothing.

But I still like to have some sort of style (shabby chic I think). I have recently discovered a French blogger who’s style I’m currently lusting after.
Her name is ZoĆ© and she has the street cool look nailed to a tee. She manages to make a simplistic and relaxed outfit look so chic and cool. It’s like making an effort without looking like you’ve made an effort.
Think layers, distressed denim, trainers and boho jewellery and you’re there.

Blogging- What is it good for?

14 January 2018

Blogger flat lay

Did you know in that in 1999 there was only 23 blogs on the internet? And in 2006 it had grown to 50 million, and now? There are an estimated 152 million blogs on the world wide web.
That’s a lot of people who love writing and socialising on line.

I was late to the blogging game, having started this here blog at the age of 31 in 2015. Being that I’m a 80’s baby, I grew up with the internet really coming into it’s own when I was 14 or 15 years old and back then the internet was still a baby itself. Blogs like Zoella’s that really cemented mainstream blogging was still way off in the future. So the exposure I had to blogging (or weblog as it was then known) was minimal, if non exsistence.

Over the moon with Happiness Boutique and 10% off

8 January 2018

Happiness Boutique

Every so often I will get an email from a company that would like to collaborate with me in some way through my blog. Sometimes the emails can be rather strange, like a request for me to promote a menswear range (umm, thanks but no thanks), to adding a link to a product that is just not reflective of my tastes.

So when a brand does their homework and contacts me with a request to work with me and it's right up my street, then I get rather excited!
One brand that has recently reached out to me is called 'Happiness Boutique' which straight away made me intrigued. My blog style is to try and be upbeat and positive so I replied with wanting to know more.

My 2018 R̶e̶s̶o̶l̶u̶t̶i̶o̶n̶s̶ ̶ Aspirations

1 January 2018

Blogger flat lay

Happy 2018!

If you’re reading this with a sore head and a furry mouth then I hope you saw in the New Year’s in style!
If you’re like me and stayed up to see the countdown in on the sofa, tucked up with a blanket, then I salute you! I’m all for painting the town red (well in theroy- reality is normally involving pj’s, Netflix and snacks!) but saving a small fortune on door entry and over priced drinks is far more sensible (this is what being over the age of 30 does to you!).

Anyway I digress. The purpose of this post is to share my musings of New Years Resolutions. Those three words that fill you much hope and inspiration but in reality is just a case of abandoned promises a few months (or weeks) in.

I’m one of those people who runs into the New Year full of desire to become a better version of me. #theoldAbbieisdead. The 1st January is like shedding your skin of your previous misdeanours (me? Never!) and vowing to make a change. Be it the most common resolutions of eating healthily or losing weight, swearing off alcohol and Mc Bangs to stopping procrastinating on seeking that dream job.We’ve all been there for sure.

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