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25 December 2017

So there I am on my lunch break at work one recent afternoon. I’m looking on my phone and remember I haven’t tried the new app I downloaded a few days earlier. I open the app, have a play around on it and notice a really cool feature. I share this with those sitting around me but then quickly feel self conscious. Did I just geek out there? Did the plane app, with the 3D real time simulator just make me seem more geek, than chic? Most probably, but then that’s just who I am.

I have spent my teen years and even into my 20’s trying to keep my geekiness under wraps for fear of ridicule. But now I’m into my 30’s I feel like embracing my inner uncoolness and letting it be known, that I Abbie of Abbie Chic non-fame, love reading maps. I love doing jig saw puzzles. I feel a sense of peace when I’m reading a book in bed at 9pm. I pass up on alcohol on a night out (make that an annual night out) and I buy pj’s more than any other item of clothing.
I’ve tried to be cool and hip. But that facade often slips quite quickly and my interest in archeology programmes and dislike of Radio 1 breaks out. I don’t know how to be cool. But I do know how to be me and enjoy the random and slightly left field topics that interest me.

Blogmas #8 | My Christmas Book Must Haves

21 December 2017

If you don't know it already but I love reading. My genre of choice is romantic comedy fiction. I love a tale of love with some humour added into the mix. And what better way to while away the cold winter evenings than snuggled up with a feel good book.

Here I have selected my favourite winter reads that I fully recommend you give a go if you like this genre.

Blogmas #7 | My Christmas Wish List

18 December 2017


It wouldn't be Christmas without a wish list. Of course Christmas shouldn't be all about materialism, but being with the ones you love. But that doesn't stop a girl dreaming!

I have shared what I would love for the ultimate wish list for Christmas. The thing I would love if money was no object is a house with a garden, all lovingly decorated and furnished. As I don't see that happening, no matter how good I've been this year, then these items will suffice! But honestly, these are just material goods, and what is really important to me is my health and happiness and that of those I love around me.

So let me explain why I chose these items...

Vlogmas #6 | DIY Gift Tags

15 December 2017

When on Pinterest recently I came across some gift tags that had been created for Christmas gifts. They looked so easy to make that I decided to give them a go.
What you will need for this craft is...

Brown craft luggage tags, selection of buttons (£1 per bag from Hobbycraft), PVA glue and some nice pens (I used glitter gel pens).

To do this is so easy. Simply select which buttons you would like you use. Glue them to the tag in varies different heights.

Then draw a line to look like the string on a bauble, add bows too. Then finish with a festive message!

Blogmas #5 | Festive Fashion Inspiration

12 December 2017

Though it maybe cold outside, that doesn't mean style needs to fall by the way side. After having a browse on Pinterest I saw some pretty and chic outfits for the festive season.

Check out my Pinterest board below for my must have looks for this season.

Happy Holidays,

Blogmas #4 | DIY Hot Chocolate Gift

9 December 2017

There's nothing better than a hot cup of chocolate on a cold December day. And if you're feeling generous why not gift someone their own DIY jar of hot chocolate.

To make this you will need...

Hot Chocolate powder, sugar (brown or white, it's up to you), marshmallows and toppings. I used white chocolate stars and gingerbread men toppers.
Also don't for get a glass jar to put it all in!

Pop the chocolate powder into the jar. Pour sugar onto the top, add the marshmallows and finish with the toppings of your choice.

An super easy and yummy treat for someone special! I hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to look out for more Blogmas posts on my blog.

Happy Holidays,

Blogmas #3 | Free Downloadable Christmas Wallpaper

6 December 2017

As it's the season of giving I thought I would gift you free festive wallpapers for your desktop and mobile phone.

I found these ever so cute images on at and is part of their free gifts of the week package.
They are made by the ever so talented Juily and you can see all her illustrations here.
You can also download these images and print off to use or use for your own crafting needs.

And you haven't signed up to Creative Market, I'd say it's a must, as each Monday you get sent an email with a link to 6 free digital products. Some are not my cup of tea, but there is normally one each week that I download.
It's a great website to find the images and templates you need for your blog or other craft/art needs.

Until my next post,

Happy Holidays,

Blogmas #2 | DIY Baubles

3 December 2017

I love crafts. It's the element of having fun and being creative that I love. So when I was in Hobbycraft recently, I did a bit of a blow out and brought a number of items to make Christmas crafts with.
I had done a bit of research on Pinterest before hand, so I had some idea's I wanted to recreate. The craft I will be sharing with you in this post is so simple and equally effective.

What you'll need is...

A pack of clear plastic baubles (£2 for 6 from Hobbycraft) and a selection of materials to fill the baubles with. I also brought some red string to use to tie the baubles when completed.

The first bauble I filled with plastic beads (£1 per bag) from Hobbycraft. I liked the idea of pink and pearl but you could equally be more traditional and use green and red beads for example.

Simple place the beads into the bauble. Close the bauble and finish with some string and ta da, your own designed bauble.

Here are the other baubles I decorated:

Various sized pom poms from a £5 bag of pom poms from Hobbycraft.

Alternatively you can use sequins to fill a bauble. These I had purchased from The Works.

I also had some gold and silver stars confetti from Paperchase to fill one of the baubles.

For this bauble I stuck inside the bauble gold glitter stars from Hobbycraft (£1 for a pack).

Lastly I filled this bauble with pink feathers from haberdashers C&H fabrics.
The options of what to fill each bauble with is endless. You could use cut up strips of coloured paper, put a picture or a festive character inside. It's up to your imagination.

I hope this has given you some inspiration for creating your own Christmas baubles. It's fun to do (for both adults and children!).

Look out for my next Christmas craft post coming soon!

Happy Holidays!

Blogmas #1 | Win a SIGNED Giovanna Fletcher 'Some Kind of Wonderful' Book!

1 December 2017

It's Blogmas! Welcome to the first of a number of blog posts I will be posting that are all festive related on my blog.
This is my second year doing Blogmas, so I hope you like my forthcoming festive inspired posts!

And what better than to start Blogmas with a giveaway! It is the season of giving after all.

If you would like to win this copy of Giovanna Fletcher's latest book 'Some kind of wonderful', which is also signed by Giovanna, then all you need to do is leave a comment below stating what wonderful thing you are hoping for Christmas and I will pick one comment at random to receive the book.
I've started reading a copy of this book myself and so far I love it, I'm sure you will too!

Also here is a link to my interview from Giovanna Fletcher herself.

A few rules...

Prize is for one commenter below to win one hard back signed copy of Giovanna Fletcher's book 'Some kind of wonderful'.
Open to UK residents only, so this can be posted in time for Christmas.
Closing date is midnight UK time on Thursday 7th December 2017.
This prize is not endorsed by Giovanna or anyone connected to her. This book was purchased for this giveaway.

Good luck for entering and come back on the 3rd December for a new blogmas post!

Festive wishes,


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