Keep healthy this Autumn with Juicers by Panasonic | Ad

24 September 2017

I love Autumn with all the colours of the trees changing and getting cosy in my pyjama's but what I don't love is the cold bugs that tend to do the rounds.

My advice, do your immune system a favour and keep it topped up with a fruit smoothie. Yes, you can buy them pre-made but where's the fun in that?!

I recently picked up some fruit and accompanying ingredients to make my own smoothie. The thing with smoothies you can pretty much add what you want- make it your own personal smoothie!

For the smoothie pictured I used:

Selection of frozen berries
1 banana
Low fat vanilla yoghurt
Orange juice (not concentrate)

I whizzed these all up in a blender and voile, a healthy and yummy drink to get you through the cold and flu season.

And the lovely people at Panasonic have a great range of juicer and blenders to make smoothies with, have a look here to see juicers by Panasonic.
Compact, quiet and easy to handle, and if you are partial to a morning orange juice or two, it features stainless steel screw rotates to extract maximum juice all the while retaining important vitamins, nutrients and anti-oxidants!

You can get your Nutri Bullets and the like, but Panasonic have been making products for 99 years so I personally would go for a brand that has stood the test of time.

I'd love to know if you have any smoothie recipes for keeping healthy this autumn and winter. And if you make this recipe I'd love to know also!

Love and hugs,

7 things to look forward to this Autumn

17 September 2017

1.  Walks in the autumn leaves

I don't think you're ever too old to grow out of crunching through the autumn leaves! I love finding a deep pile and stepping into it! I also love the colours of autumn, such bold and vivid hues. Perfect photo taking season.

2. Series 3 of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

This is my favourite original Netflix series and I'm super excited for the third series to air in October. I have the feeling Rebecca Bunch is still as crazy as ever!

3. Giovanna Fletchers new book

I love Giovanna's books. She's an amazing author. So I'm excited for the release of Some Kind of Wonderful in November. Perfect cosy evening material.

4. The Final of GBBO

I do love GBBO. The new series to me is pretty much the same as the previous series which I am pleased to see. Whilst I am not looking forward to the final, I am too as I love to see the final Show Stopper and I do get a bit teary eyed at the finals!

5. Cosy lounge wear

I love wearing lounge wear and pyjama's all year round but with the cooler weather it seems like the perfect excuse to don my comfy socks and fav night wear.

Autumn Love

6.  Zoella Lifestyle

No Autumn/Christmas is now complete without a range of products from Zoe's lifestyle range. I'm loving this seasons collection. The colours are sophisticated but fun too. I'm very tempted with the Cosy Vibes mug and beanie.

7.  Autumnal inspired body products

I love pumpkin scented products. I found these ones online. The Body Shop and Bath and Body Works are both great places to find such products.

This has got me all cosy feeling and reaching for my throw and to snuggle up on the sofa! I hope this has got you feeling all cosy and I wish you a happy and bright Autumn!

Love and hugs,

My Autumn Loves

16 September 2017

Here in the UK it feels likes as soon as September 1st came round the Autumn weather began. Gone were the mild mornings and in comes the fresh morning air.
The evenings are starting to draw in too. And with this change in season I have already drifted to jumpers and snuggling up with a good book. So I thought I would share the things I have been loving so far this month...

Autumn to me is not Autumn until a multitude of jumpers have been brought. Though I still have an array of jumpers from last Autumn/Winter that I must dig out. I find jumpers and sweaters can be worn more than just for that season. I still have a few that I am looking forward to wearing again.
Though when in Primark recently I discovered this knitted lovely above. It is a slouchy white knit with frayed sections at the bottom.
I have teamed this with blue and black denim jeans for a casual and cosy Autumn look. And being white it goes with most my wardrobe.

Awhile ago on Facebook I saw that Buzzfeed reviewed a number of eyeliners for longevity (how long it lasted before running out), stayability, smudginess and overall look. And this Stila one came out head and shoulders above the rest.
So when I was in Marks and Spencers of recent I decided to pick up one and see if it lives up to the hype.
And I am pleased to say it does. It is easy to apply (even though I find my round eyes tricky to apply eyeliner to), it lasts all day and does not smudge.
I have made the error in the last few months of wearing an eyeliner that is not waterproof and a short time of wearing it, after my eyes watering a little, I had the panda eye look I wasn't going for!

I have been using this Stila eyeliner for a few weeks now and so far not suffered from the black eye effect!
I would say if you want a great all round eyeliner that stays put then I don't think you can get better than this!

When Lindsey announced earlier this year that she was bringing out another I Heart book later this year I was super excited! The I Heart series is one of my fav series of books and I just love, love the main character Angela.

With the title I Heart Forever I was thinking could this be the last one in the series? Please let it be no. So I tweeted Lindsey and she kindly confirmed it was not, phew!

I devoured this book in a matter of hours over three days. It lived up to the previous books in the series and left me itching for the next book to continue the storylines.
The main consensus of the series is set around a British character called Angela (Angie to her friends) and after the splitting from her fiancé she finds herself in New York, hauled up in a hotel room wondering what on earth she was going to do.
The series of books follows Angela's life as she tries to make a go of living in New York. Much drama and humour in equal measures ensues. Not helped by a new colleague Cici who is set out to make Angela's life as difficult as possible.
There is also romance with the like of Alex, singer of the rock/pop group The Stills (I'm thinking Maroon 5 type band) and I loved how their relationship grows, with a number of highs and lows.

If you love a real, funny, slightly sarcastic character with lot's of pop culture references then this book is perfect for the cooler, darker evenings for snuggling up with a hot drink with.

This eye shadow palette was a recent bargain find in TK Maxx. Priced at £14.99 I though this was a steal. I have seen Debenhams still sell this for the RRP price.

This is my first Too Faced product (gasp!) and I love it. Looking at the packaging before the actual product inside I thought that each eyeshadow segment would be quite small, but actually they are a good size.
I mostly love the coppery colour shade in the first heart shape. Perfect for Autumn. The other shades complement it well for a smoky eyed look.
It also comes with an black eyeliner too with a smudger tool at the opposite end to create more of a smokey eye.
I don't know if this is a common feature with Too Faced palettes, but next to the mirror are three cards with information on how to create different eye looks using the palette. A great touch!

And that is my fav items this season so far. I hope you like them and give you inspiration for this Autumn!

Love and hugs,

Books to Love | Lucy Diamond & Louise Pentland

10 September 2017

I'm a self confessed book worm. I love nothing better then being engrossed in a good book. And a good book to me is full of love, drama, comedy and a happy ever after. A rom com in book form if you will!

I pretty much have a book on the go constantly. When I've finished one, I move onto the next and currently I am little bit obsessed with Lindsey Kelk's latest book 'I heart Forever'. So far I am hooked and seeking any spare moment to read a few more pages.

I hope to review 'I heart Forever' once I've finished it but until then I thought I would review a couple of books I have thoroughly enjoyed reading recently.

Wilde Like Me by Louise Pentland

(Warning- spoiler alert- I'll try not to give too much away, but sorry if I do!) .

The first one is Louise Pentland's debut novel 'Wilde Like Me'. I will be honest I was a bit sceptical when I first heard Louise was releasing a book. Another Youtuber milking it for more money but when I saw it for sale for £5 I thought you know what, let's give Louise the benefit of the doubt and give it a go.

Zoella's books haven't appealed to me as they look like they are for a younger audience (though I bet I would actually enjoy them!) and I did wonder if Wilde Like Me would be of the same ilk. But no, this book, whilst I think Zoe's younger fan base would like it too, I think it's appeal is to a bit more grown up reader.

I didn't know what to expect from Wilde Like Me, would it be lacking of a plot and have no story arc? Would the character's be wooden and one dimensional? I'm pleased to say they were not, both to the former and the latter. Louise has created a main character Robin who is a much believable character. A single mum, dealing with the yummy mummies (Or PSM's, posh school mums) at her daughter Lyla's school, managing a job, the absence of a love life and her mental health which she calls 'The Emptiness'.

The story picks at in the New Year with Robin musing over the fact that she has been single and mother to her daughter Lyla for just over 4 years. Robin has the support of her unwavering Aunt Kath, who likes charity shopping, crocheting and bejewelled sandals (reminds me of my own mum!).

The story then rolls into Robins dalliances with the PSM's at Lyla's school and being undermined by the chief PSM, Val. I personally feel that Val felt threatened by Robin, who Robin is herself through and through, but I think at this point Robin doesn't see that and feels looked down upon by Val.

Robin is someone I could imagine having as a friend. She has her dilemma's such as wondering why her life isn't like Instagram and her daughter swiping yes to lots of men on Robin's dating app as Lyla thinks it's a game!

I have found some books are written in such a way that the dialogue can feel stilted and not flow. I didn't feel this was the case with Wilde Like Me. I like the dialogue in a book to read as if the characters are real and it's like I'm watching them have the conversation in my head, if that makes any sense! And I felt I did this with Wilde Like Me, a lot!

There are a number of key themes running throughout, such as Robin's relationship with Theo. She is swept off her feet with Theo, tall, dark and handsome and smooth as they come, but after some time their relationship sours. This runs alongside the storyline of Robin managing her job as a Make Up Artist and I enjoyed following her journey of growing within her role. Taking opportunities despite her feeling of 'The Emptiness' rearing it's head ever so often.

And Louise has included this side to Robin that I feel many a reader can relate to and that is the topic of mental health. Robin suffers from what she calls 'The Emptiness'. Robin refers to this as feeling 'far away and isolated'. When she is 'consumed by anxiety and loneliness, and just feel so flat'. This feeling crops up throughout the story but through Robin's journey she gains confidence and learns to stand up for herself.

Robin's daughter Lyla is written with such delight. Lyla comes across as a thoughtful and at times wise beyond her years child. She loves Robin and I feel Robin is incredibly devoted to Lyla and is always striving to do the very best for her. It's a wonderful mother/daughter relationship.

Robin also has a few close friends which feature in storylines throughout the book. I won't go too much into that as I want to leave some bits of the book for you to discover yourself!

I really enjoyed this book as it had the love, drama, comedy and happy ever after that I look for in a book (and I feel confident there will be a second book!). I would definitely recommend you give this book a go. Louise has written a blinder of a debut novel and I'm certain you won't be disappointed.

One Night in Italy by Lucy Diamond

Another book I have had much pleasure from reading is Lucy Diamond's One Night in Italy. I have read a handful of Lucy's other books and I picked this one up in charity shop last month.

I don't tend to read the blurb on the back of books as I find they sometimes giveaway too much of the story and I like to go in with no expectations and see where the story goes.

Obviously the title 'One Night in Italy' give some indication of what the story is centred around; Italy but I went it hoping the book would be as good as Lucy's previous books.

I've found in the past that some authors who have written a number of books can write some great books. But I've read some that I simply struggled to finish as the writing style is not consistent with the previous books the author has written.
And so far all Lucy's books I have read have all been a joy to read. This one included :)

The story begins with mother of two Catherine sending off her children to University. Catherine is left feeling bereft as she says goodbye to them, without so much as a back wards glance from her son and daughter.

Upon Catherine's return home, she discovers a sight she rather wishes she hadn't witness too. This takes Catherine on a journey throughout the book, where she goes from brow beaten wife and house keeper to her children to a self sufficient woman with the world at her feet.

On this journey of self discovery Catherine meets a group of women, who become a support system for her. An Italian language course brings Catherine together with these women who each have their own drama's they are dealing with.
Sophie is the course tutor and she has recently returned to her home town of Sheffield from living in Italy upon the news of her fathers failing health. Sophie soon wishes she was back in the Italian sunshine rather stuck in her childhood bedroom with her mother who she has a frosty relationship with.

Anna is another student of the class and she is a journalist for the local paper. Anna has recently discovered her absent father maybe in Italy and she is keen to learn the language so she can help find him when she goes out there.

Each character goes on their own journey to find answers and resolutions to drama's in their lives. Each character has a warmth and vulnerability to them which I liked. It made them feel more real.
The dialogues between the different characters felt real and believable.

The pace of the book kept me turning each page wanting to find out what each new chapter brought. The book is 474 pages long in paper back, which I think is just the right length, as there are a number of story lines to follow with the central characters and this allowed the story to come to a comfortable ending.

There are some comedic moments, but it's not go the pop/social media references like Wilde Like Me has to make it feel more modern day relevant.

I really enjoyed this book as I kept turning each page to discover a new development with each characters journey. I also enjoyed that each chapter heading is written in both Italian and English and when the characters were in the Italian classes, there are references to Italian words.
I felt like I learnt a little Italian too.

I would for certain recommend this book, as with the evenings drawing in, this book is ideal for cosying up into. All you need then is some pyjama's, a hot drink and your set to see in the Autumnal evenings.

I hope if you give these books a go you like them as much as I did. I'd love to know what you thought. Also if you have any book recommendations for me, please leave me a comment below.

Happy reading!

Love and Hugs,

Daily Blog Post | Number one

4 September 2017

The thing I love about blogging, at least with my blog as I haven't put myself into one particular niche, is that I can write about anything.

Mostly I write about fashion, lifestyle, homeware, but I sometimes like to write about other things too. And I've been thinking what on earth can I blog about to give my blog some diversity and I thought I might try my hand at daily blogging.

Now as a disclaimer I'm not promising this to be an every day thing, as you know life sometimes gets in the way but I was thinking it might give me content to share on a more regular basis.

Working full time does limit what I do of a normal day and what I can share of my day but I will endeavour to indulge you in what my day has been like.

I don't have an glamourous life full of social events to keep you enthralled. I'm just your average girl next door, working during the day and blogging in her free time.

So with that out the way I can began with what today has brought so far for me.

I had work today. I work in retail and have the job of being an personnel admin assistant. I'm lucky that my hours are more office based hours, which allows me every other weekend off. Working in retail that's quite uncommon. The expectation is most staff work Saturdays and/or Sundays as that is where the bulk of the trade for the week comes from.

I got up this morning and checked out the weather from my living room window. I was greeted by an overcast sky and drizzly rain. It seems that Autumn has well and truly arrived.
And my first thought was 'oh great, there goes my hair being kept straight'. I know that's a rather shallow thought to have but if you suffer from frizz prone hair then the slightest sign of moisture in the air sends me rushing for my hair serum.
I did even contemplate wearing a beanie but I thought it's a bit premature in the season to be wearing one!

So I washed my hair, made it look all sleek and smooth, used some hair serum but alas it was a fruitless task as when I got to work, surprise, surprise my hair was wayward and frizzy. One day I will conquer the frizz!

Anyway I walk to work as it's an approx. 15 min walk from my flat straight down the road, so it gives me some fresh air and exercise. I arrived at work for just after half past 8 and set down to check my emails. I won't bore you with the in's and outs of my job as to be honest I don't know what I am allowed to share on social media.
It's not like I have a top secret job but you can never be sure on what companies allow you to share and not share. Just imagine creating staffing rota's, organising recruitment and staff events and you get the picture.

One thing I liked about today and this does sound so simplistic, but sometimes its the simple things that make me smile, is wearing my new Primark aviator jacket which I am in love with.
It's so cosy and warm. Despite the effect on my hair, this weather least means I can wear my new jacket.

I finished just after half past 5 where my husband Dan was waiting to meet me. He is so good to me. Most days when he is around (he works from home) he will meet me from work. Even in the rain.
It's not like I'm incapable of walking home on my own. I am 33 years old, I don't need my hand holding (much!) but I see it as a friendly thing to do.
We walk home and if I've had a stressful day at work I'll let off steam and Dan will listen. Equally if I've had a good day I will share that with him too.
He fills me in on what he has been up to too. This evening we discussed where we would book to stay for a staycation in Bournemouth at the end of the month. We haven't actually had a proper break away so far this year, so hopefully we will at the end of the month.

We stopped off via the local Tesco's Express (told you I don't live a glamourous life!) and then continued on our way home.
I got home and like I do most evenings I get straight into my pyjamas or some sort of lounge wear and chill out on the sofa watching some YouTube videos.

I've been thinking of writing a post on cruelty free make up brands as of recent I've been wanting to diverge away from those who clearly do. But I feel where do I draw the line? If I start using only anti animal testing brands, that's great. But then am I contradicting myself by eating meat? And wearing leather and other animal products. It goes on and on unfortunately.
If you would like me to do a post on this topic please let me know. I'm an animal lover and if I can help in someway then I will. I pay to RSPCA, Cats Protection and Sussex Wildlife Trust each month, but I feel I could do more.

Anyway that brings me up to now. I hope you like this post, even if it is a bit of a break from the norm. If you would like me to continue with daily posts please do let me know, equally if this does not interest you then I would like to know.

Thanks for reading.

Love and hugs,

Come shopping with me | Southampton, UK

3 September 2017

Shopping, ah one of my favourite past times. Yes it is a some what materialistic past time, but one I will admit I do enjoy. So yesterday I decided to take a trip along the coast to Southampton. For those geographically challenged this map will show you where it is.

Southampton in my mind become well known for where the Titanic set off for it's ill fated maiden voyage. I believe you can visit the area should that be of interest to you. Anyway I digress.

I set off with Dan in tow on a Southern train to Southampton. Luckily this train doesn't involve any changes so I settled down for the 50 minute journey with my latest copy of Glamour magazine.

We were lucky as the weather was being rather sunny and warm. Though you can tell Autumn is well on it's way as the mornings are starting to feel fresher. When approaching Southampton the train travels around the harbour and river Hamble and there are some picturesque views to be seen.

Upon arriving in Southampton we exited the train station and headed towards the city centre. The retail sector of Southampton is a approx a 5 to 10 minute walk away. There are two iconic buildings that come into view as soon as you get off the train. They are Ikea and John Lewis.

John Lewis is a British department store and tends to be classed as more high end of the department stores. I do work for a smaller John Lewis in my hometown, but I do love visiting this one as it sells so much more than my store does, including fashion, beauty and toys. Talking of toys, the one department Dan and myself found ourselves in was the toy department. John Lewis have just starting to sell Star Wars toys on release of the latest film.
Dan brought himself a Darth Vader pen as he is a bit of a sci-fi fan and he is always scribbling away notes for his work.
We then spied a Lego advent calendar. Yes I know it's only turned September but this is retail for you! Dan kindly brought me one as we thought if we didn't get it now, it would prob sell out by the time we get round to buying it.

So yes, it's the 3rd of September and I have an advent calendar!

At this point it was approaching 1pm and we were yet to eat! John Lewis sits on the side of a large shopping mall called West Quay and recently a new eatery section has opened on the opposite side of the mall. There are restaurants such as Bills, Nando's and an American style diner aptly called The Diner.
As we had been in there before we decided to go again. I ordered a hot dog and fries and Dan went for a double cheese burger and fries. It's a reasonably priced menu, where our meals plus drinks came to approx £25.
Service was great, the food arrived after about 10 minutes of ordering and overall I would recommend giving it a try if you ever are in the area.

View from outside restaurant of Southampton's castle

After this I was itching to have a look in Primark. I find it can be hit or miss in Primark for finding those items that many Youtuber's share in their haul videos.
I had earlier that morning tweeted how the Primark's I tend to visit in my local area are a bit disappointing but I eat my words on this occasion!

I came away a very happy shopper! On the train when I was reading my Glamour magazine there was a feature for Primark and one of the items modelled was a black aviator coat. I have been after one of these since I saw Zoella wear one last winter. But alas most are around £80 and upwards.
When I saw that Primark were doing one for a mere £30 I was rather excited! But I anticipated they would be sold out.

But joy of joys, as soon as I walked into the store there was a section promoting all the items in the Glamour feature. And there was the jacket. I grabbed one like my life depended on it!
If it's possible to love an item of clothing then I love this!

I also picked up a few more items from around the store, whilst battling through many a people. Including a teenager barging right into me and not stopping to say sorry. Cheers!
Well it was Saturday in Primark, a place most people would avoid ;p

 Aviator Jacket £30 Primark

 I picked up this tartan dress though I was in two minds whether to. It's not my normal style but my thought process was I would team it with a pair of black boots, tights and a biker jacket or the aviator jacket for a cool autumnal look. This dress was £10.

For the cooler months coming ahead I thought this jumper would come in handy. I imagined wearing it with skinny jeans, light wash colour or black with a pair of biker books would be casual chic. This jumper was £10.

I'm a sucker for anything pink and I had to have this Aristocat's Marie jumper for £8. I thought this would be perfect for autumn. I've teamed them with a pair of hounstooth patterned leggings I brought from H&M for £12.99
The Marie slippers are from Primark and are £4.00 and are super cosy!

I wasn't expecting to find these two cute items, considering how popular they are but I did! I love Beauty and the Beast, it's my fav Disney film so I couldn't resist. Mrs Potts is £6.00 and Chip is £4.00.
I noticed the sales assistant had a box full of Chip purses, so I would say check out this Primark if you want to get your hands on one.

Finally I picked up this eyeshadow brush for £3. I have many blusher and foundation brushers but not many eye brushes so I grabbed this. I love the iridescent colour of it too.
The eyeshadow is from H&M for £4.99 and is in the pretty pink shade called Love Letter. Though I will be honest, when I got home, I did find I already has this shade! Not the first time I've done this, doh!

After checking out Primark, I headed to H&M and Victoria's Secret and Pink.

H&M Window display

 Cute dress in H&M

 My #ootd - Black body from Hollister, black and white trousers River Island, white Converses and Topshop bag.

 Pink by Victoria's secret

 Pink by Victoria's Secret

One of my favourite shops is Tiger, or Flying Tiger as it's now known. I love the whole array of items they stock and they are super affordable. I picked up a couple of homeware pieces and they are a ring holder in the form of a gold hand and a pink glass pot I am using for my cotton pads. Both were £3 each.

Lastly I took a trip to Ikea. In Ikea I headed straight to the Market Place and picked up a few items.
One of them is a faux plant and a gold pot to put it in. I also picked up some glass hand wash dispensers for the bargain price of 60p each!
I also brought a pink colour glass too as I wanted a new glass to drink from. Simple as that!

And that is my trip to Southampton. An enjoyable day out and I'm very pleased with my purchases (though I don't think my bank balance is!).

Love and hugs,

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