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27 August 2017

For this post (and sorry for the absence of posts, let's just say I've taken some down time and away from the blog) I wanted to share with you my current looks that I have been wearing as I love fashion!

I love summer for fashion as I can do away with the multiple layers I find myself in for the rest of the year (this is the UK) and start wearing dresses and light weight trousers.
I can wear trainers without thick socks, pretty tops not hidden under jumpers and dresses with sandals rather than dressing for warmth not style. At 33 years of age I am yet to perfect the art of stylish dressing and trying to keep warm at the same time!

Anyway I digress. Below I have created 5 flat lays of my fav looks at the moment. The are pretty casual, I don't tend to go out in the evenings so most my wardrobe is day wear.

The first look is a standard t-shirt and skinny jeans look. I find this such an easy and comfortable outfit to wear. I like to tuck the front of my t-shirt into my jeans, leaving the rest hanging out.
I also tend to roll up the cuffs on my jeans as I like the look and I trousers are often a bit long on me, being I'm 5ft 3".
You can't go wrong with a pair of Converse's for a day time look and I think the colour of the t-shirt goes well with the Converse's.

To get the look you can find the t-shirt in New Look,  Leigh Topshop jeans, Converse's from John Lewis, sunglasses from Topshop, camera from John Lewis and Kate Rimmel lipstick from Superdrug.

This next look is a slightly more tailored look. In the summer I love wearing light weight trousers. I find them comfortable and go with a whole host of tops and jackets.
These pretty floral trousers are from River Island. they have a ruched waistband with a tie. I team this with a pink cotton cropped t-shirt from Zara.
The sandals are from Hush Puppies at Schuh and are so comfy! With this look I could wear trainers but I wanted to keep it looking smart/casual. The necklace has a pendant with an the Aries symbol on it. I found this on an app called FY. It was only £12. It was shipped from Germany so took a few days to get to me but I love it! I've finished this with pink sunglasses from Primark and a couple of bangles from Oliver Bonas.
(As I'm such the pro photographer- can you see my reflection in the sunglasses!)

This next look is a bit more of a colder day look. I found this jumper in Superdry in the sale. If I remember correctly it was only £11. I thought it was an investment for autumn. It's not too thick so ideal for a cooler day.
I pair this with a pair of black skinny jeggings from New Look. For footwear I have complimented the look with a pair of white sliders from New Look. These were reduced to £8 and are another super comfortable item!
For accessories I wear my Biba Rachel bag from House of Fraser. I love the Gucci bag this is inspired from but alas I cannot afford the price tag and I think this Biba version is a much more purse friendly version at £79.

This is a look I am currently loving. Another pair of light weight trousers, this time from the sale in New Look for £12. I have added a white cotton cropped t-shirt from Top. To make it look a bit more dressed I have put my black Marks and Spencers mules with them.
Finished with a horn necklace from a local jewellery shop called Pia. (You can find a more high end version at Missoma for around £80, but this one is very similar at £25). This look is completed with a pair of sunglasses from Oasis and matt nude lip colour from L'Oréal.

This final look is not a look I would normally wear but sometimes I like to step outside my comfort zone!
If I'm honest I didn't get the slider trend initially, but after trying a pair and seeing how comfortable they were I was converted. That and I love anything soft and fluffy!
To create this look I have chosen my grey River Island biker style jacket, a logo t-shirt from Primark, a pale pink corduroy skirt from Primark and sliders for a bargain £10 from a local footwear store called Zig Zag. Finished with a nude lipstick by Kate at Rimmel.

So there you have my current fashion looks. Heading into autumn I'm thinking about jumpers, a nice styled jacket and skinny legged trousers. I will endeavour to try and combat style and comfort for the cooler days!

I hope you enjoyed this post. I would love to know which is your favourite look.

Love and hugs,

What I love about Autumn

20 August 2017

It's fast approaching autumn. Summer in the UK this year started off well but sort of petered out. Every year someone says their will be an Indian summer in September but I've yet to ever see it myself!
My favourite season of the year is Summer. But Autumn has it's perks...

One being autumnal fashion and the other is snuggling up with cosy homeware. When the evenings drawing in I love to be snuggled up at home with a fluffy cushion, soft blanket and a warm drink.
Add to this my fav pj's and slippers and I'm set.

Autumn also brings such beautiful shades of colours. From rusty oranges to the deepest reds and a whole cornucopia of hues in between. I am such a big kid and still love crunching through piles of dried leaves!

When I think of autumn I also think of bonfires and fireworks. Dressed up in a warm coat, chunky scarf and a beanie for warmth and style. I'm looking forward to dressing for the new season, I love a slogan jumper or a chunky knit jumper. And I can start wearing my biker jackets again as the summer paid heed to that!

See below my moodboards of looks I have created for Autumn and the homeware that would make me feel super cosy on the cooler days. All these can be found on Polyvore (#notspons!).
I'd love to know what you are looking forward to this autumn :)

Love and hugs,

2nd Blog Birthday Giveaway!

18 August 2017

For the last 2 years I have been blogging away and to celebrate reaching my second annual milestone I have these fab items to give away to one lucky winner!

Some of these items have been kindly donated for my giveaway and they are:

2 x handbag size note books, 1 x pencil and 2 x paper clips from Pocket Notebooks
1 x Lip salve from Dr Paw Paw
1 x Spongedry beauty blender by Basic Beauty Tools

The remaining items are gifted from myself and they include:

4 x Nakd bars
1 x 75ml can Garnier Skin Active hydrating mist
1 x Fleur de Force petit fleur eyelashes
1 x Scrub Love hydrating coconut oil body scrub sachet 50g
1 x Pixi Glow mist 80ml bottle

And these all come inside a canvas tote exclusively designed by me on and comes with a blogger badge attached.

If you would like to enter my giveaway please do visit my twitter profile and see my pinned tweet to enter.

The small print:

Open to UK residents only.
Prize is all that is listed above.
Giveaway closes on Thursday 24th August 2017 at 8am GMT.
You must enter via my twitter giveaway tweet to enter.

Good luck and thank you so much for your support over the last two years!

Love and hugs,

Bloggers Who Inspire Me

13 August 2017

Blogging. It can be a fickle world. So much love but like anything there is also negativity floating around, bringing down bloggers and the amazing effort they put in.

So to fight back against the nay-sayers I am praising those bloggers who have individually inspired me. Be it introducing me to a brand I previously had never heard of or just simply making me raise my game and give me inspiration to blog.

So in no particular order these are just some of the bloggers who I have much love for...

Jemma aka Dorkface

When it comes to blogging Jem is up there in my opinion of top bloggers. What draws me to Jem is her openness and honesty with her life. She's got a no bars hold attitude which I find refreshing.
Jem has a real passion for blogging and that show's through her blog posts and love of engaging with her followers.
She has also built up the Girl Gang brand as well as her own Etsy store. Full of cute and some cheeky stickers to individual pieces of artwork, I just love her style.

I recently brought some stickers from her Etsy store and they now adorn my laptop. If you haven't had the pleasure of discovering Jem, then do go ahead and check out her blog.

Victoria at InTheFrow

Victoria's blog, In The Frow, gives me serious blog goals. There's nothing I don't love, from the gorgeous photo's to the well written posts to the blog template. Victoria gives me real insight to what it is like to be a full time blogger working with various brands.

Victoria's blog to me is quite unique in it's design and I love that. It sticks in my mind and makes me want to revisit to see what beautiful photo's she has uploaded and what outfits she is currently rocking.
I have also been watching Victoria's vlogs on her YouTube channel which she show's it's not all glamour and pretty dresses. There's the long days, lot's of travelling, back to back meetings. She is one real #GirlBoss!

When I try to do fashion posts for my blog, often my inspiration is Victoria. I love the photo's she has on her blog. Shame my photo's never look as flawless as hers, but it gives me idea's on how I can up my game.
Credit too to her other half for taking such awesome photos.

My own fashion style is quiet dressed down and very high street. But with Victoria as inspiration I am trying to be a bit more on trend and put together as I often feel a bit drab. I may not have the designer wardrobe like Victoria but it's great to have someone to look up to for guidance on how to look like you haven't just stumbled out of bed!

Abbey is a fantastic blogger and gives me real drive to be a better blogger. I've watched Abbey's blog grow and flourish and seen all the hard work she puts in.

Abbey always comes up with great ideas for blog posts for out collabs and I so enjoy each month where we put together our posts. It's exciting to know what each month will bring!

Abbey also really encapsulates what it is to be a blogger. She is so engaged with her audience and builds up great rapport with them. It gives me a kick up the bottom to remember to reply to comments on my blog and reply to emails!

I love the honesty and everyday-ness of Abbey's blog. Seeing someone else's life and what they do and where they go. It's no wonder vlogs are called vlogs- they stem from blogs. Capturing real lives on screen.

I'd recently given up with Instagram. I wasn't liking the photos I was posting, they all where rather random and engagement was low. But after revisiting Abbey's Instagram account she has given me renewed vision on how to really make a great looking Instagram account. That's another great thing about blogging, you learn from the best!

Show Abbey some love and go and have a snoop around her blog, you'll love it!

Another awesome blogger who was the person who inspired me to start blogging. I have praised Zoe in previous blog posts and I'm not against repeating myself on how much I love her blog.

Zoe is another blogger who really has perfected the art of blogging. As you'd expect from Zoe, it's a polished and well put together blog, with beautiful photo's and well written and personable content.

I love that her blog has a seasonal element to it. Be it twinkling Christmas lights at the top of her blog or a Easter theme, it's always super pleasing on the eye.

Zoe's blog design was something I was trying to emulate for some time when I first started blogging. I played around with many, many blog templates before settling on the one I have now which I am happy with.


Though these are bloggers that inspire me to be a blogger, I want to also shout out to a few fellow bloggers who I also have much respect for as they too have awesome blogs well worth visiting and they are, in to particular order;

Zara at ItsallZara

There are so many wonderful bloggers out there, and if you have any you care to share with me please do comment below!

Love and hugs,

Room Tour | Affordable Homeware

6 August 2017

Happy Sunday! Or happy day whenever you may read this! I hope you're well.

Please excuse my absence on my Wednesday posts. I've been a bit busy and as a result I've not managed to stick my to my blogging scheduling of twice a week :( I've been organising a blogger meet up that's happening in a weeks time. Contacting various brands and working with them, as well as reorganizing my flat, which is where this post comes in.

In the midst of having a clear out I also wanted to jazz up my bedroom with a new duvet cover and cushions. With the clutter gone I thought I would showcase my room. I love homeware so I hope you like this post!

The latest edition to my room (which I do share with Dan but you'd never guess!) is this geometric duvet cover from George at Asda for £14 for a Kingize. George at Asda is a treasure trove of on trend duvet covers at really great prices. I tend to get most my bed linen from here.

I chose this design as I'm really liking the pink and grey colour palette at the mo. It's a simple design and I like the versatility of having one side pink and one side grey.
To accessorise this I have added three cushions also from George at Asda. These are two initial cushions, one 'D' for Dan and an 'A' for Abbie. To balance out the black of these cushions I also got this 'Sleep' cushion to go in the middle.

I really like the idea of having various canvas artwork and typography as a feature wall but being a rented flat we are unable to hang up anything on the walls. So I came up with the ingenious idea of attaching my canvas's to the top of my headboard.
I did this by using double sided tape as I didn't want them falling on my head during the night!
The left and two far right canvas's are from a set of three from Wilko's and the large one is from Tesco.

Next up is my dressing table which I mentioned in a previous post was brought from charity furniture outlet store. I have customised the wooden draw handles by replacing them with ceramic rose handles from Homebase.
I try to keep the top of the dressing table clutter free and leave the draws full and disorganised instead! On top of my dressing table I have a painted spotted vase from Tiger (or Flying Tiger as it's otherwise known). I have the larger version which I do use as a vase but I have used this smaller one as a cosmetics brush holder.
I have also added a faux white flower in a silver pot for decoration. I have also a copper lamp from Ikea for added illumination when applying my make up. In the corner for storage I have a wicker style draw set from Argos. On top of that I have a typography quote from a set from Homesense in a silver frame from Tiger. Next to this I have a small ceramic swan which is also from Tiger. This is sold as a flower pot but I thought it would make a great cotton pad holder!

I love books so a bookcase is a must for me. This one really is more for show as it has limited space for all my books. The Audrey Hepburn quote I found in Homesense. I am a fan of Audrey so this was a must! The pink faux flower is also from Homesense. I have a collection of Zoella fragrances and I have these sit in a glass tray (if I remember where this is from I will add this in!).
Beneath this I have a collection of books by one of the many Chick Lit authors I love, Jill Mansell. Next to that is a silver 'A' from Homesense (really is a great store for homeware!).
The rest are trinkets I have accumulated during the years. The bookcase itself is from an work colleague who was getting rid of it and I rehomed it. I love furniture that is preloved. I like something one off and has some history.

This is a chair from Ikea and there is no room in our front room for it so I decided to put it in the bedroom. I have covered it in a patch work style throw from Primark. And to make it more inviting I have added cushions from the Card Factory. See all my furnishings are super affordable. Perhaps if I had more money I'd be all Oliver Bonas and Anthropologie but I stick within my means!

This wicker mannequin is another charity shop find. I have this in the corner of my room and I have wrapped some pink flower lights around it to make it look more styled and give it a more functional purpose.

And that rounds up my room tour. I hope you enjoyed it and it has given you some inspiration for your own room décor. I for sure don't claim to be an interior stylist but I do love homeware and I hope that comes through!

And if you are looking for some affordable homeware here are the sites I would recommend:

George at Asda
Sass & Belle
H&M Home

And if you have the extra budget you might also like to try:

John Lewis
Oliver Bonas
Zara Home

I'd love to know if you have any suggestions of great places to find homeware. Especially one's that aren't so commonly known.
Leave a comment below!

Right I'm off the bed as it's nearly 5am! And as a side note, this is an non sponsored post.

Love and hugs,

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