Polyvore Galore!

31 May 2017

I love moodboards. A great way to express your creativity and pull together images and colours to create a theme and inspiration. And that's where my love of Polyvore comes in.
I can spend hours either looking though other creator's boards for inspiration on how to style an outfit, or create my own looks using their create option.

I decided one evening recently, when I was feeling particularly creative to create some of my own boards of looks I'm loving and create a visual wishlist of outfits and homeware I'm lusting after.

The first look I created is a collection of outfits perfect for summer. Feminine, pretty and pastel shades was the vibe I was channelling. I love the Chanel handbag, I mean that is a dream item to own. Maybe one day!

Summer Chic

My May Favourites

28 May 2017

Well May flew by in a blur. Apologies for the radio silence on here. Work has been a bit full on and I've been trying to make the most of the summery weather in the evenings by going outside for a change, thus leaving me little time to blog. Though I have a Saturday morning to myself so what better than to blog! :)
So this month there have been some ups and some downs that's for sure, but I did have some purchases this month that brought a smile to my face that I'd love to share with you...

Instax Camera accessories

What's in my bag

21 May 2017

My bag is my fashion staple currently. Everywhere I go outside, it goes too! So I thought I would reprise this gem of a post and give you a nose into what on earth I carry inside it!

Stepping back in time

17 May 2017

Ever since I discovered Breakfast at Tiffany's I've been a bit besotted with Audrey Hepburn films. This led me to discover one of my favourite films she's starred in; Sabrina. Filmed in 1954 it encapsulates the glamour and the sophistication of the era and I love it.

I love blogging because...

12 May 2017

Blogging, what is it good for? Well, a lot actually.
But let me rewind a little; As with life, there is always drama. And since I've been blogging for a year and nine months I've seen a few lets say, unfriendly comments on twitter shouting down blogging or bloggers and don't like to get drawn into this as I want to focus on the amazing goodness of blogging.

Fast forward to now and I decided to put Twitter to good use and ask fellow bloggers to explain why they love blogging so much. And girl did I get a great response! :)

Reading the wonderful comments made me feel a massive rush of pride for the blogging community. And that's what is. I looked up the meaning of 'community' and it's defined as; the condition of sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common. And do we have common interests? Like hell yeah!

As you'll see below there's lot's of love in the blogging community and here are a collection of comments from bloggers sharing why they heart blogging...

Abbey @ Twitter

Trip Down Memory Lane

7 May 2017

For this post, I thought I would do something a bit different than I've done before. My husband saw a post on his Facebook earlier today with pages from an Argos catalogue from the 1990's.
We had a look and recalled a number of items we had ourselves from the catalogue. And this began me on a trip down memory lane.

Now I think it's safe to say I am a bit older (though hopefully not by much) than the average blogger. I was born in 1984, the year Torville &Dean won Gold at the Winter Olympics, GCSE exams where first introduced and Band Aid first release 'Do they know it's Christmas'. Some 33 years ago. Since then modern life has become tech-ier and more digitalised then ever.

With this in mind I thought I would share the toys, gadgets, fashions and music and TV programmes that I loved throughout my childhood. Sometimes simpler is better...


Growing up with divorced parents meant money was not free flowing. And as any child does they compare themselves to their peers and feel like their friends always have everything bigger and better. I know I put myself in that camp.
But looking back now as an adult I can see that I did indeed have plenty of toys. Surprisingly a lot. From Fisher Price to Sylvanians to Barbies.
Here are some of my favourites;

Little Miss Makeup- circa 1988

My homeware loves

3 May 2017

I was thinking what to do for a blog post this week and the thought stuck me to do a little home ware tour. I love home ware with a capital L and do spend half my wages collating various items to fill the flat.
I'm a creature who loves her comforts so I do like to play home maker and make my home look cosy and pretty.

I've taken photo's of my fav things from around my flat and I'll talk you through all my beloved possessions...

My dressing table

This was recently purchased from a local British Heart Foundation furniture store. I happen to be browsing their furniture and I spied this in the corner. I've been after a dressing table for a number of years but have refrained from purchasing one as they aren't the cheapest item of furniture.
But this beauty was a mere £30. Not bad for a real wood unit. It also came with the mirror and the chair is actually an Ikea dining chair, but I though it matched perfectly.

It's also functional as well as it has 8 draws, ideal for all my makeup! I also loved adding my own decorative items to it to dress it. As you'll see below.

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