Super Easy Easter Cake

12 April 2017

It's that time of year for the perfect excuse to ditch the New Year diet (you still got that, right?!) and gorge on a mass of chocolate. So let me introduce what I am calling the Super Easy Easter Cake!
Basically it is a Rocky Road/Fridge Cake base, with a few Easter goodies thrown in.

You can see my post here on how to make this no bake cake!

For this recipe I used Cadbury's Mini Eggs, Cadbury's chocolate mini eggs, mini marshmallows, chocolate crispies and chocolate honeycomb pieces and Malteasers. You can substitute any of these sweet treats for your own preference. But I picked these as they go well in the cake mixture and are Eastery.

It only takes a couple of hours in the fridge to set and when they are you have some seriously sweet treats for Easter. Great to make with kids or just for yourself to scoff!


Love and hugs,


  1. I love all of your Easter blog props, they're absolutely adorable! You should definitely do a post on where you get all of your seasonal photo props, cos your Halloween ones were amazing too! Thanks for sharing these cute cakes!

    Abbey 🌸

    1. Thanks Abbey. I will admit I'm always on the hunt for photo props. These cute bunnies are from John Lewis. The faux grass is from Tiger, but can also get similar at JL. Hobby Craft is also good for props.
      Perhaps I will do a post on it :) xx


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