Spring and Summer fashion with Apricot

29 March 2017

I love fashion. I may not be a fashion icon, but I do love a spot of retail therapy and finding new styles to try. Especially as the new spring season is upon us in the UK. I love the fact I can ditch the coat and a thousand layers and start wearing more lighter clothing and I tend to wear more colour too.

So when the fashion brand Apricot in conjunction with blogger site Type the Hype, where looking for a blogger to showcase their latest lines I jumped at the chance!

Apricot kindly let me pick two items from their 'New In' section for me to wear and model for you below. I will be honest with you. I have heard of Apricot but I have not purchased from them before.
This was actually a good thing as I love discovering (or rediscovering) brands that are not mainstream. It's like finding treasure, something great you didn't know of before that is a real gem!

Glamour Beauty Festival

25 March 2017

One of the reasons I visited London recently was to attend the Glamour Beauty Festival.
This is like an exhibition of all the beauty brands that I love held in the Saatchi gallery in London. Also there are talks by top beauty experts, including the likes of The Frow and Naomi Smart.
Last year I went to the first ever Glamour Beauty Festival so I was keen to return again!
Dan kindly paid for the tickets which were for the whole day on the Sunday and included a talk in the morning with a number of Youtubers and a goodie bag full of well, goodies!

Luxury Hotel Room Tour

22 March 2017

So a while ago my husband saw that Derren Brown (yes him of the misdirection and showmanship fame) was doing a string of shows to a small audience in London. This is to test out the show he wants to take over to Broadway in NY (amazing really as I first saw him perform in Worthing in early 2000's when he wasn't that well known).
Being that my husband and myself has seen at least one show from each tour of Derren's since 2003 we didn't want to pass up this opportunity of seeing him perform, as it will be the last time for a while in the UK.
This also coincided nicely with the Glamour Beauty festival the following day too.

How to...be ok with being introverted

19 March 2017

Hello and welcome to the 7th Ab Fab Collab!

This month Abbey at www.abbeylouisarose.blogspot.co.uk invited me to join her in doing a 'How To' post to promote how to be an all round good person. As we like to spread positivity with our collabs :)
I decided to share about how to be introverted and be ok with it. Blogging is such a great tool for me as it allows me to connect with people within the perimeters that I feel comfortable with.
As you'll read I'm no social butterfly...

Thinking and day dreaming

I do tend to think a lot and over analyse and worry about things. This in itself I know builds up a situation to be bigger in my mind which never helps.
Rather than be on the flip side and be all bubbly and gregarious, I tend to withdraw into myself if I am stressed or worried or feeling low. My mind will wonder off and I become quite and not motivated to make conversation.
Though all this thinking has it's plus sides. I used to day dream a lot when I was younger. Didn't realise I don't do it as much any more which is sad.
I used to day dream about meeting my favourite pop bands and the adventures we would have and earlier than that I would dream of being a princess. Shame being an adult kind of puts a reality check in your mind.
Though what this day dreaming did was give me somewhere internally I could escape to which would be fun to do. I love imagining scenarios and best of all writing stories where I could let my imagination take over.
This internalisation has been a great aid in writing stories when I was growing up which was a great past time for me. I haven't taken a stab at a story for quiet some time now, so perhaps it's about time I put my introvertedness to good use!

Spring Styles

8 March 2017

Spring has finally sprung! The daffodils are out, the evenings are just that bit lighter and it's still freezing, but you can't have it all!

And a new season means to me, a new reason to get some new clothes! I tend to love the fashion around this time of year as it's full of pastel shades, which is so me.

As I'm going away to London this weekend, I felt it is the perfect excuse to get some new clothes to wear. On the Saturday I am going to a Derren Brown show (love him!) so wanted to look smart-ish.
The following day I am going to the Glamour Beauty Festival. If you want to see what last years event was like you can find out at my blog here.

So the first look I have pulled together is this one below...

My Fashion Journey

5 March 2017

I would like to add to this above collage that the reason for the heels was I was trying on as they were so high!

Before I start this post I want to disclaim that I am no fashion maverick. I mean I think that's pretty obvious and over the years I have worn what I thought was passable outfits. But recently looking back over some photo's from my mid to late 20's I can see how far off the fashion compass I have been.

I mean I did have some better moments, what with working in fashion retail for 9 years but the photo's I have shared above do not show evidence of that!
I would say even now I have a casual look, normally opting for a piece of denim and adding some detail or pattern with tops and jackets.
I've played it safe with fashion and still do to some extent.

What's in my makeup bag

1 March 2017

I feel I haven't done a post like this before for a long time if ever, so I thought now is the time!
I do have a reasonable amount of make up (but no where near enough like Zoella!). But despite that there are a handful of staple products I always go to.

In this post I want to share what those wonderous products are and why I always reach for them.

So let's make a start...

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