Spring Day Out in Arundel

26 February 2017

Living on the south coast of England, I am lucky to be surrounded by beautiful countryside. As you may of gathered from previous blog posts I like to take day trips in the local area.
Approx 11 miles east from Chichester is the town of Arundel. Even though Arundel has now a Burger Kitchen, Pizza Express and Prezzo's it's not like your normal town centre.

There's no H&M or Primark (gasp!) instead there a number of local independent shops and cafes. If you like somewhere not overly commercialised then this is the place for you.
Arundel sits on the edge of the River Arun and is also famous for it's castle and cathedral.

It was a mild spring like morning one Saturday recently, so myself and my husband Dan decided to make the most of the more seasonal weather and take a walk around Arundel and take some photo's.

15 Online Tools To Use for Bloggers

22 February 2017

Just over a year ago, I wrote about the online tools I use to help me create content for my blog and I thought I would share an updated post with a few more resources I have discovered and been using.
You can see the original post here.

As I am a complete novice when it come's to blogging, everything I have learnt myself through searching and trial and error. Some bloggers reading this maybe new to blogging, so I hope this may help you.

I Heart Bournemouth

19 February 2017

Some people like to travel or at least visit far flung destinations, well me, not so much. I'm too much of a home bird and my anxieties tend to leave me restricted to a small radius of area's I am comfortable to visit.
This is something that does frustrate me as I see so many photo's and video's of places I know chances are I won't visit. Still I try not to be too much of a hermit and over the years my husband and myself have taken to visiting Bournemouth in Dorset.
Travelling by train with good connections it takes two hours or so from Chichester, so it's not too far away, but enough to feel like I've gone away from home for a break.

Couples Valentine's Q&A

14 February 2017

Happy Valentine's Day! Whether you are rocking it solo or loved up, I hope that if you celebrate the occasion you have a lovely day!

With the spirit of Valentines I thought I would do a Valentine's Q&A with my husband Dan (find out more about Dan here and on twitter). We have been together for 15 years and married for over 2 years. We tend to get on well and enjoy spending time together.

The Ab Fab Collab | Things I'm Great At #girlpower

12 February 2017

Hi and welcome to February's Ab Fab Collab. This month Abbey from abbeylouisarose suggested we do a post each celebrating what we are great at.

Now I'm not one to blow my own trumpet, but I thought what a great thing to do. In the spirit of being positive rather than beating ourselves down I want to share what I class myself being good/great at.

£10 drugstore beauty challenge

5 February 2017

Just under a year ago I posted on my blog the £10 challenge, where I set myself the challenge to see how much I could get for £10 in various different high street shops and I thought I would set myself the challenge again (see the original post here).

This time I wanted to see how far I could make £10 go in the beauty department. Being that such brands as MUA, Makeup Revolution and Miss Sporty are popular I thought this wouldn't be too much of a challenge.

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