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29 January 2017

I normally post about make up and fashion and homeware too, but I decided for this blog post to get a bit more personal.
Having a blog means I tend to be on social media quite a lot (or where I can fit it in around my day job) engaging with other bloggers and sharing my latest blog posts. And social media by it's name suggests sociability. Which is great as I can be tucked up in bed of a cold winters evening and chat away to other social media users.

The Ab Fab Collab | Our Dream Homes

22 January 2017

Welcome to the first Ab Fab Collab of 2017. If you haven't been introduced to this collab then let me give you a refresh. Myself and fellow blogger Abbey Louisa Rose do a blog collab every month or so sharing our thoughts on a chosen topic.
This month's topic is our Dream House. When Abbey suggested this I was like 'yeah this is a great idea!' as I love interiors and homeware. So below I am sharing what I think makes my dream house. And you can check out Abbey's post here.

January's Birch Box | Reveal

15 January 2017

Not to shortly after I received my December's birch box (see the post here) I had January's delivered. Two boxes in one month :) I love receiving parcels, it's the excitement of not knowing what's inside. So I eagerly opened this month's box.

It comes in a lovely cardboard box, which like last month's box can be used for storage. Upon opening I tipped out the goods onto my bed and had a good look at what I'd been sent.

In this month's box I was sent:

December's Birch Box | Reveal

13 January 2017

Monthly subscription boxes have been around for a while now, but like always I am late to the party for giving these a go.
There are quite a few but I thought for my first one I would opt for a well known service by Birch Box.
For the cost I thought this would be worth trying, so after I signed up and parted with £10 I waited for my box to be delivered. I took a few days but I did order this over New Years so the extra few days was to be expected.

Crazy Over You | Author Interview and Book Giveaway

8 January 2017

I love books. And when I say books, I mean books. As in a physical book you can touch, smell and hold. I have no time for e books (well if I'm travelling then maybe, but I still prefer to pack a book if I can).

Over the years I have amassed a modest collection of books in the 'Chick Lit' genre (gotta be a better name, maybe female romantic comedy- suggestions on a post card!). From the greats such as Marian Keyes, Jill Mansell and Lindsey Kelk to the up and coming authors such as Ali Harris, Dani Atkins and Abby Clements and quite a few in between.

January Primark Haul

6 January 2017

A New Year tends to bring the need for a new start. And for me the case is a need for new clothes (well that's my excuse!) so I took a trip to my local Primark in Portsmouth and stocked up on a few 'essential' items.

I didn't have a set plan of what to get, more I ended up with what caught my eye. My current look is something of a confused unicorn! Think sparkley, pastel, glittery and you've got me pegged. Yes, I am a 32 year old woman with regressed fashion style of a 12 year old!

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