Twitter New Years Giveaway!

29 December 2016

What better way to start the New Year then with a give away! The New Year can encourage some to set resolutions and to do that you need to be organised. And to do that these note pads might just help!

12 Days of #Blogmas- Day 12- The Blogger Shoutout

23 December 2016

So here is it, my 12th and last blog post for #blogmas. It has been lot's of fun creating these posts.
I started planning for Blogmas back in mid November where I had three weeks to have the first few posts ready to schedule.
I've also been super busy at work as well- working in retail at Christmas, you do the maths-so doing 12 blog posts in a month, which is about three times the amount I normally do is a personal accomplishment for myself.

12 Days of #Blogmas- Day 11- New Years Eve outfits

22 December 2016

So with new Years Eve approaching you may be thinking 'what to wear?'. Well I have created three mood boards of my fav looks for New Years. Be it out on the town, house party or like me chilling at home, I hope you find these looks of inspiration to you.

12 days of #Blogmas- Day 10- A Christmas Q&A

21 December 2016

What's this! A Christmas Q&A! Time to get a bit nosey...
Read on to find out more...

Hmm, this is an question where I have to have a good think. I've been lucky and received some great Christmas presents over the years but I think I would say a number of toys I got as a kid.
This includes a Sega Master System II games console where my sister and me would fight play
on it playing the likes of Alex the Kidd and Mickey Mouse's Castle of Illusion.
A few years later I received Super Nintendo which I loved playing Zelda- A Link to the Past and Super Mario Kart. These two have to be my fav retro computer games of all time. If I could play them now I would be more than happy. Who needs a flashy PS4 or Xbox!
Also when I was about 3 or 4 years old I got given an A La Carte kids kitchen set on wheels. It was bright and colourful and I could be a mini cook! It came with fake food and I just loved this. (My love of cooking has since diminished- it was a temporary love as a child!).

I have a fond memory of being about 7 years old and seeing a Barbie (or possibly Sindy) for sale in a shop window in the lead up to Christmas. Being a child I was so set on wanting this for Christmas. I told my mum but she didn't say I'd get it so I just hoped.
A few days later we passed the same shop and I went to point it out to my mum but alas said doll was there no more. I was deflated. I so wanted that doll.

Come Christmas morning, I opened my presents and what was there! The doll! My mum must of been the one to buy it, that's why it wasn't in the window. That memory makes me smile. What a lovely thing to have done.

12 Days of #Blogmas- Day 9- My Festive Beauty Loves

20 December 2016

With the Party season in full swing I thought I would share my beauty loves for this season.
My make up look is normally quite natural, with bronze or warm colour on my eyes and a blush rose colour on the lip.

So the Sleek eye shadow palette, The Rockstar Collection- Diamonds in the Rough, I recently purchased from Boots is the most beautiful shades with a bit of sparkle.

12 days of #Blogmas - Day 8- Festive Freakshakes

19 December 2016

Tis the season to be jolly and eat enough food in one month for a year. And what better way to indulge then with a Freak Shake. 
Namely called because of the freaky amount of calories and sugar (or at least that's my reasoning!) they contain.

What I love is that you can add anything you want to a Freak Shake. The more chocolate and sweets the better!

So I decided to make two of my own Freak Shakes for the festive season. So easy to make and if your feeling a bit adventurous (and of the legal drinking age) then why not add some alcohol to make it a very merry Freak Shake!

The first one I made was made by using Ben and Jerry Cookie Dough ice cream. You can use any ice cream but I have a number of these in my freezer (thanks Domino's pizza!) so I decided to use these.
I emptied a tub of the ice cream into a measuring jug (you can use a mixing bowl too) and added some milk to make it more of a drinking consistency. Then I gave it a stir till it was combined into a liquid.

You could blend in a blender to get a smoother consistency but doing free hand worked fine. I then poured my milk shake into a glass handled container (Kilner jars are the best, but I found a similar one in TK Maxx).
I then added some squirty cream to the top. I then added to that some strawberry ice cream sauce, a candy kane, half a Curly Wurly and a flake. I finished it off with a mini gingerbread man and silver edible balls.
On the side I also added some Betty Crocker cookies I made the night before.

I would advise using a large straw to help drink these as the milk shake at your toppings can be quite thick.

12 Days of #Blogmas- Day 7- DIY Christmas Gift Wrap

18 December 2016

Christmas does bring out the DIY in me. I love making things and getting crafty. So for this blog post I have made my own Christmas wrapping paper. It's super easy to do and a great way to personalise your gifts.

To do this I had a bit of a haul on Hobby Craft's website and brought a number of items to create my gift wrap.

12 Days of #Blogmas- Day 6- Christmas Shopping in Brighton

17 December 2016

Christmas shopping. You either love it or hate it. And your either organised or leave it to the last minute. Me, well I love it (I mean a valid excuse to shop!) but I do tend to leave it to the last minute.
So with the days ticking down to the big day I took a trip to the lovely seaside city of Brighton.

For those less skilled in geography, Brighton is approx 55 miles south of London, on the south coast of England. To me Brighton is my sort of city. It's not too big (I don't like the busyness of cities like London), has a great variety of shops, from the High Street to smaller and independent stores down the Laines.
It also has a beach (alas it's not a sandy beach, just lots and lots of stones) and a pier. The best combination of amenities.

So with this in mind, myself and my Husband Dan took a 50 minute train journey along the coast to do a bit of Christmas shopping. Now we were lucky with the trains, as the day previous and the following day were strikes happening. These have become more and more frequent throughout the year and we were lucky the one day the trains were running (and to time I may add) was my day off. So without any hold ups we got to Brighton approaching 11am.

The train was quite full at this point and Dan and myself had whiled away the journey discussing Youtube and the social media platforms we used to use. Sure this made for thrilling conversation to our fellow train passengers (not!).

12 Days of #Blogmas- Day 5- My Christmas decorations

16 December 2016

Every year I like to dig out the Christmas decorations and add some festive cheer to my flat. When I was younger we (my mum and sister) had the same baubles every year and it became a tradition to put them out. 
I remember I once got a bauble from a now defunct gift store called Past Times and I loved it so much as it was mine and not just a cheapy one from a set from another defunct shop Woolworths.
I would put it out on the tree every year and it would always make me smile.

When I lived at home as a child, we used to always get a real Christmas tree. And nothing beat that smell of pine. Back then artificial tree's weren't so common place as they are now. I would love a real tree now but it's far easier to buy a packaged artificial one in a box and reuse every year than trying to source a real one.

Anyway I have added a few hints of Christmas around my bedroom, as well as having my tree up. I would love to live in a old style house, with an open fire and make it all traditionally Christmas and cosy, but I have a new build flat so I've made the best with what I've got!

Above I have my Merry & Bright trinket dish from John Lewis. A posy of faux flowers from Sainsburys and my Christmas Wishes picture also from Sainsburys.  Just a few touches to add a festive feel.

12 Days of Blogmas - Day 4- My Ultimate Christmas Wish List

15 December 2016

Christmas would not be complete with out a wish list. The time of year where you can compile all the things you have been lusting after and hope that Santa (or a kind friend/relative/significant other) may treat you to something on your list.

There have been several items I have my eye on and I wanted to share my Ultimate Christmas Wish List with you. The reason I call it Ultimate is the items are kinda expensive and unless someone close to me won the lottery and wanted to splash out I don't imagine to receive any of these. But a girl can dream.

You can see my dream Christmas gifts in the slide show below...

12 Days of #Blogmas- Day 3- Free Christmas printables

14 December 2016

Tis the season to give and today I give you 5 free downloadable printables. Loving made by myself I have created images for you. You may wish to use them as desktop or mobile phone background. Perhaps you might like to print them and pop them in a frame or use to make your own Christmas cards.
To download them, simply right click on the image and click on 'Save As'. Easy!

Whatever you chose to do with them, I hope you enjoy them!

12 Day of Blogmas- Day 2- My Christmas Pinterest Loves

13 December 2016

Ah, Pinterest. The site that show's you the best of the internet. If Pinterest was a planet, everything would be flawless, stylish and pretty.
And what a great site to find the best inspiration for the festive season. Be it for your home, DIY projects or festive attire. I have picked some of the Christmas images that caught my eye and shared with you in a slideshow below.

I hope you like and if you're not already in the Christmas mood, then I hope it encourages you to get into the festive season!

12 Days of Blogmas- Day 1- Makeup Revolution Giveaway

12 December 2016

Merry Christmas wishes to you! Tis the season of goodwill and what better way then to kick off my 12 Days of Christmas blog posts then a giveaway!

Over the next 12 days leading up to Christmas I will be posting a festive blog post each day for your delight. From my Christmas wish list to cake ideas and so much more. Be sure to check here every day for a new post!

So for today I have a giveaway for you. Fancy winning this amazing Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palette just in time for the Big Day then all I need is for you to comment below.

Simply post a comment below explaining one good deed you plan on doing for someone this festive season. From helping your family with the Christmas dinner, to donating to a charity, I'd love to know how you are helping someone this festive season.
I will then pick one random winner from the comments. 

Meeting Katie Melua

1 December 2016

When my husband Dan said earlier in the year he had brought VIP tickets to see Katie Melua perform in Southampton I was intrigued. You see my husband is the Katie Melua fan. Not that I'm saying not a fan as I do think she is an amazing singer but it was his choice to book the tickets.

So we left for Southampton on the day of the concert and checked into a Premier Inn as it would be too late to travel back afterwards.
The O2 Guildhall where Katie was performing was only about a 10 minute walk from the Premier Inn, so after dodging various busy roads we arrived and waited outside the venue with a number of other people.
 At 7pm (after waiting in the cold for half an hour!) we were let in and found out seats. The venue I hadn't been in before and isn't a stereotypical arena or concert venue. It a large and old (old as in beautiful old decorations) hall, with the seats placed for the concert.

As we had VIP tickets this meant we had seats in the second row from the front. When we arrived we were given a goody bag each too, which included a laminated tour image on a lanyard, a red scarf with Katie Melua embroided on and a sign picture of Katie and Gori's Women Choir.

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