The Ab Fab Collab | November 2016: Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse!

16 November 2016

It's a certain mouse's 88th birthday this month and to celebrate his turning of age, Abbey Louisa Rose and myself have collaborated on a blog post each to share our love of Mickey Mouse and all things Disney.
To see Abbey's fantastic post click here.

Hey Mickey You're So Fine

My earliest memory of Mickey Mouse was watching a cartoon of him and Minnie with Donald Duck in the mornings. As a child how could you not love a cute mouse who is always trying to impress his SO.
There was also a Disney Comic that I used to get when I was younger (circa 1992) which I loved getting as a Saturday treat. This began my love of comic's, which lead to pre-teen mags (remember Mizz and J17!), then pop magazines (such as TV Hits, Smash Hits and Big Magazine) then came More!, Bliss, Be and Company magazines and now it's just Glamour and Cosmopolitan magazines that I get.
I always have to get at least one magazine a month as it's something I have done since I first got brought a comic all those years ago. I thank Mickey and chums for kick starting my non fiction reading obsession!

It's no illusion

As side from getting a Disney comic and watching the cartoons I also has a Sega Master II games console (that is showing my age!) and one of the games I had was Mickey Mouse's Castle of Illusion,

I loved this game. I have vivid memories of myself and my older sister (by 8 years) of playing this. I would be good at the first few levels, then when they got harder I got my sister to take over.
My sister at the time loved a band called Jamiroquai and that was the background to playing this game. Even now when I listen to old Jamiroquai songs I'm taken back to playing that game.
The levels were bright and colourful and involved Mickey making his way through the platform levels to try and get to an evil witch at the end of the game. There are some games now, that despite their amazing graphics don't live up to the sheer joy of playing a simple platform level game like Castle of Illusion.
Many a happy hour was spent playing this game (well as happy as it can be when two siblings are fighting playing a computer game!) and I only have happy memories of playing this game.

Christmas Jumper Guide | 20 jumpers for £20 and under

13 November 2016

Looking for a Christmas jumper? Then look no further! I have compiled 20 of my favourite festive jumpers found online below. Being as you'll probably only wear these for the festive period (well that's what I'm guessing!) then I have limited the selection to a maximum of £20 a jumper.

I hope you like and find something that jingles your bells ;) 

Lot's of love,

How to style denim and jumpers

8 November 2016

Hello! Apologies for the absence in posting. It's been rather busy at work. Working in retail this time of year tends to be go, go go.
But I have a fashion post for you today! Now I do not rate myself to have much fashion credentials but I thought I would share my standard out of work look at the moment.
As it's been getting pretty nippy I have been finding comfort in denim and jumpers. Below I have pieces to share with you.

The Blogger Tag

1 November 2016

Hello! And thank you for taking the opportunity to find out about The Blogger Tag.  To start things off, I have answered the below questions and have then tagged some fellow bloggers to join in and answer the same questions on their blog.

The aim of the game, to get to know each other as bloggers a bit better. A how better then with some right nosy (but not that nosy!) questions! Thanks also to Gemma who helped with the questions.
Here are my answers...

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