Halloween fashion

24 October 2016

This year more than ever, I have seen so much Halloween inspired fashion lines. And as such I have searched over 20 websites to bring you my Halloween fashion wish list.

Below are the items that have caught my eye and I am currently lusting after. I hope this might help you if you are looking for something Halloween themed to wear this week :)


Lot's of love,

Disclaimer: All items chosen are from my personal choice and is not sponsored or not in anyway requested from the brands featured.

Ab Fab Collab: Halloween No Bake Cake

23 October 2016

Tis the season to be spooky. So with that in mind I decided to make some gruesome cakes in collab with fellow blogger Abbey Louisa Rose. Go and check out her blog as Abbey has made some excellent Halloween bakes too!

This recipe is my default cake recipe and I have added some screamish ingredients this time to spook them up!

As this recipe is super easy to make you can add your own Halloween themed ingredients of your choice. The ingredients I chose are:

Pumpkin shaped gummy sweets from local vintage sweet shop
Long gummy worm from local sweet shop
Green and red Jelly Beans (in red apple, green apple and cinnamon flavours)
Gummy eyes from Poundland
Malteasers (crushed)

I also used for the cake mixture:

4 bars of Areo mint bars (120g bars each) (but you can use standard milk chocolate-you need need 400g)
125g unsalted butter
2 tablespoons of Golden Syrup

For the sweets to add to the mixture I haven't specified amounts as I think it should be up to you to decide how much or little you would like to use.

Step 1
Break your chosen chocolate up into chunks (as easier to melt) and place into a microwaveable bowl.
Add the butter (at room temperature) into the bowl with the chocolate. Then add the golden syrup into the bowl with the chocolate and butter.

Step 2
Place the bowl with it's contents into a microwave and heat for 60 seconds (based on 1000w setting- check your microwave settings to be sure). Once heated, carefully (as bowl maybe hot) remove bowl from microwave and stir mixture if not all melted.
The consistency you are looking for is a chocolatey thick mixture with all ingredients melted together.

Step 3
Add your chosen sweets to your chocolate mixture and mix together. Once the sweets are covered in chocolate, place this complete mixture into a baking tin. You can decide if you want to use a square or circular shape. I used a loaf tin as this fitted the mixture in the best. You want to create some depth as obviously you will not be baking it so will not rise. So I'd advise not to go too shallow.

Step 4
Decorate the top of your cake with gruesome decorations and once happy with the finish place into a fridge for a minimum of 2 hours (I tend to leave over night) to set.

Step 5
Once set in your baking tin, remove your cake from fridge, carefully remove from tin and display as spookily as you can! I added red food colouring with a little water to create a bloody effect.

I'd love to know if you give this recipe a go and what your's looks and tastes like. Feel free to leave a comment below!

Enjoy making this yummy cake and Happy Halloween!

Lot's of love,

What is is to be a blogger- IMHO

21 October 2016

Photo courtesy of Pixabay- Edited using PicMonkey

I saw a heading on social media that was something like 'what a blogger does' and that got me thinking. What does a blogger do? There is no job description for being a blogger. Perhaps some unwritten roles for social media etiquette, but beyond that it's bit of a mystery to me what it might be like for other bloggers.

So I thought I would share what I do as a blogger. Now I'm a part time blogger, I have a day job to pay the bills etc and I see blogging as my hobby. I think I'm a long way off from being anywhere near calling it a job. I've always loved writing, always loved being creative and enjoy getting to know like minded people. So blogging fits my needs perfectly.

I started my blog just over a year ago on a whim as I was looking for a hobby and I thought I would give it a try. I had no previous experience to go by, just a curiosity to learn how to actually make a blog and engage with other bloggers.

So a bit of background before I get to what I do as a blogger...

I was looking for an easy to use platform for my blog as I don't have any coding knowledge and my husband, who has experience with blogging suggested I would be good to try Blogger.
So I signed up and started with one of their basic templates. When you sign up you have to think of a name for your blog. That can be a bit of a minefield if you don't have anything to mind, especially as there are so many blogs these days, a lot of names will be in use.
I'm not quite sure how I came up with Abbie Chic. I sort of just came to mind. A play on the Shabby Chic phrase, which is just my style and the fact that Chichester (Chic-hester, geddit!) is where I live.
It worked so I stuck with it.

I started to then look to other social media outlets for other bloggers and found Twitter was a place where a lot of bloggers 'hang out'. I started to follow a number of like minded bloggers and in turn they would follow me back.
I was soon discovering a lot of great looking blogs. Great photos, well written content and slick templates.
That made me want to raise the bar on my blog. So I started to search for blog templates and have since played around with various designs before you see the one I have today.
It's super easy to compare yourself to others, and I would be lying if I said I didn't do it myself, but I try to step back and just be sure I am happy with my own blog and at the moment I am. But sometimes it can help you tweak your blog when your inspired (but not copy) someone else's blog.

So to now...

I would love to say I'm super organised with my blog. But I'm more of slack type of blogger right now. My health (both mental and physical) has not been the best over the last month or so, so I have taken a step back from my blog to focus on getting better.
But there is always a pull to wanting to put up regular content. I've worked so hard since I started my blog that I want to do it justice by not letting it go 'stale'.

Prior to my health issues I was creating a list of dates I wanted to post on. I believe it helps keep you focused if you have set days/weeks/times that you post on.
At the moment I'm not practicing what I preach as I'm utilizing the moments I feel ok enough to blog, so my posts are a bit here and there in their timing.

I used to post twice a week, but with a full time job I found it time consuming committing to writing up two posts every week.
Some people may say it's only a bit of writing, but any blogger will tell you that it's so much more.
For example:

Post idea
Coming up with an blog post idea itself can be a task within it's self. You want to be original, yet you want to write something that someone may just want to read. And you don't necessarily want to repeat yourself either with previous posts. (Unless it's a Favourites monthly post for example).

Writing the content
Then comes writing the content which could take several drafts or even just starting again and again until you get it right. I've seen it written on other blogs that as great as your photo's may be, if the actual written content isn't strong then your post/blog may not get the respect it deserves.
I'm not saying my content is on point, but I do try my best to make it as good as I can. I'm not trained in writing, pretty much failed English at school, but I hope my passion makes up for it!

Adding photo's
So I've got my content, I do like to add photos to a post as I feel it helps bring the post more to life and especially if you're writing about a product for example. Show it off. Be creative. Have fun with taking some photo's that reflect you and your blog.
You could get a fancy camera, go on a photo course, whatever but I haven't and I don't feel it's done me any harm. Of course if you are trained in photography/have a great camera than that's cool too, but don't feel you have to.
As like with the writing, the photos can end up being trial and error and experimenting. Look on Instagram for inspiration (but don't beat yourself up if you aren't making photo'st that get 1000's of likes). Be yourself and do what you do. Your blog is your piece of the internet, so make it yours.

Sharing with others
Once I've completed a post I like to share it with other like minded people and as I said before these tend to be on Twitter. I like to share my post with my followers on Twitter. You can also use Bloglovin'. Some bloggers love this, some see it as a pointless exercise. I personally see it as another avenue to get your blog out there.
You may like to use Instagram, Snap Chat, whatever you like. I guess it's finding the way you feel best works for you to get people over to your blog.

It can feel like a numbers game though. Trying to get more and more followers, page views, comments. And whilst to me that isn't necessarily an issue. It's good to have goals to work towards, but for me it's about sharing what you love, what's on your mind etc and not all about having thousands of followers. But each to their own I guess.

Working with brands
I occasionally get an email from a company wanting to work with me on a post. Which is great for someone to reach out to me, I am grateful, but sometimes they can be a bit impersonal.
For example one recent email was saying they had been to my blog, even stating the name of my blog but addressed the email to Admin. Now if they had been to my blog they would know I'm Abbie, not an Admin! Delete email!
Some though can be a delight to receive. For example I have reached out to some smaller brands and one more well known brand and they all said they would be happy to work with me.
Let me say now I'm not blogging for free items. I have deleted many an email as they do not reflect my blog and only accept work from a brand that I genuinely like. And if they are kind enough to reciprocate my post with a gift then that's a bonus. And I also disclose if I have worked with a brand on any posts. I can only be honest and upfront.
But like I said I don't get emails that often and almost everything I feature on my blog I have brought with my own money.

I have found at times that blogging can be a bit of a chore, normally when I have set myself a regular deadline to go live with and then I'm not feeling it. But I would rather not post then post something random for the sake of it.

But all in all I blog because I like to blog and enjoy creating content I am proud of. I have also had the pleasure meeting and working with some other bloggers, which I would never of got to met if it wasn't for my blog.
To share ideas and meet people who get what it's like to blog is refreshing. Sometimes I can feel like a one woman show with my blog so meeting others reminds me of what a great community bloggers have created!

And with that, I'll draw this post to a close. I hope it's been worth the read and if you have any questions about blogging, please do share in the comments below and if I can't answer it, I'm sure to find a fellow blogger who can!

Lot's of love,

Where to find blog templates

19 October 2016

I've been crafting my blog for over a year now and in that time I have played around my with my blog template a few times. I do not know anything thing about coding so I have relied on the talent of those who do to use their templates.

I have google searched through hundreds of websites trying to find the best in templates, from free templates to paid ones and to help you through the mind field of templates I am sharing the sites that have proved the most successful for me (for Blogger).


One of the most well known sites known to bloggers. Pipdig do not have a massive selection of templates but what they do have are of great quality and design. Pipdig are also very helpful in their aftercare.
Their blogs are easy to download and install and I very much liked Aquae, Willow and Evelyn Rose templates. Ask the majority of bloggers and they will tell you they have used Pipdig at some point.
For pricing they are not the cheapest on the block, but I am often wary of some sites so you can rest assured you aren't going to be fleeced.


On Etsy there are so many blog products to search through. I have found two companies through Etsy that have been of great help.

The first is Rainy Day Blog Designs- I used this design company and purchased the Rice Paper and Ribbon template. These templates are slightly more affordable than Pipdig and they have quite a range of feminine looking templates. Again easy to download and install and customizable using the template section on your Blogger settings.

The other company I used was QDoNow. This is the company that I have used for my current template. Their templates are the most affordable yet and I feel in love with the Arianna template.
I did try to install it myself and whilst that was easy enough I had too many gadgets and was in a bit of a pickle trying to get them into order so I contacted QDoNow and they kindly installed in perfectly for me one afternoon.
They made it look just like the demo version and were so helpful. They didn't charge me for the installation either so I was very happy with their service.

A top tip- head over to Etsy during the Black Friday period as I imagine like last year lots of templates will be on offer.

There are a few other websites you might like to try. I have not ordered from them myself but take a look and see what you think...

If you know of any others that you rate, please do share in the comments section below. After all sharing is caring!

Lot's of love,

My October Beauty Favs

18 October 2016

Hello! Well, it's been a little while since I graced my blog with my presence. I've not been in the best of mental health of recent so I took a step back from my blog as I didn't want to force content when my mind wasn't in it.

Feeling a bit better today so thought I would use the opportunity to write up a post of my fav beauty purchases this month. I mean they are too good to keep to myself!

Not that I possibly need more make up, but when I was in Boots in Brighton recently I noticed they had what they call a Emporium. In this Emporium you can get almost any gift from their gift selections engraved and personalized.
You can get ribbons stitched with your own message, wrapping with your own images and products engraved with your own personalized message. I think this is a great way to treat someone this Christmas, or even treating yourself as I did!

I found a selection of mono eye shadows, blushers and highlighters by Makeup Obsession which is made by the same company that make Makeup Revolution and Freedom cosmetics. The eye shadows come in various shimmery and mat shades at a mere £2 each. The blushes and highlighters are £3 each.
You can then select an empty palette for them to slot into. From a silver or gold look finish to black, pink and white and various sizes to hold 4, 6 or more eye shadows, blushers etc. I opted for a white palette to hold 6 single products. I then went and paid (which I later realized I had to pay an additional £3 for the engraving service) for the products.

A lovely sales assistant then asked me what I would like engraved on the front of my palette. After a bit of umm and ahhing I opted for 'Abbie's eye-mazing palette'. Ok I'm not going to be asked to name any beauty products going forward but it was the best I could come up with off the cuff!

The sales assistant then set up the engraving machine and a few minutes later my palette was engraved with my own message! The great thing with the palette is that the inserts can be easily taken out so I can keep using the palette once the products are used up by inserting new eye shadows.

Previous to this purchase I had brought some new 17 products, also from another Boots store. I was on the hunt for a new mascara and wasn't looking spend too much on one in case it wasn't that great so I opted for the Falsifeye false lash effect mascara. After trying this I was pleasantly pleased with the full coverage it gives, especially as it was very affordable.
At the time there was an offer for two 17 products for £8 and also if you spend over £6 you get a free cheek blush stamp. Bargain!
So I also picked up a new lip colour. I'm not overly sold on mat lip colour as I find they go dry looking and flaky after a while, where as more shiny colour I find gives a better over all finish.
The lipstick I picked up was Supreme Shine Lipstick in shade Bon Bon which is light terracotta brown shade. Perfect for the autumnal season.
The blusher I got free has a sponge applicator, with the blush colour inside the lid. There is also a mirror on top of the lid which is useful. The shade I opted for is called Bashful which is a light brown, very slightly orange shade for a more bronze effect.

Very happy with my additions to my make up collection. Some lovely shades to complement the autumnal season. I hope you like them and has given you some inspiration!

Lot's of love,

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5 October 2016

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