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17 August 2016

Hi there! So welcome to day four of my outfits of the week! I think I should call this blog post how to recycle your clothes...

Today is another beautiful summers day, so I decided it was perfect weather for a dress!
When I visited my mum's yesterday I took a sneak into her wardrobe. The reason I do this as I have brought alot of  clothes in over the last decade.

When I have worn them and think i'm not going to wear them again I hand them to my mum. We are similar in size so she loves getting my clothes. My old bedroom has since become a home for all mine and my sisters old clothes. We should take them to a car boot, but then would mean being organised!

So when I looked at my mums wardrobe I found a light pink floral dress from Oasis (still with the price tag on! This I brought well over 5 years ago. Think I might have a shopping problem!). I thought that it looks like it might still fit so I asked if I could borrow it to which my mum was more than happy.

And that is what I have chosen to wear today. It's so light and comfy and paired with my mega old, but much loved tan wedges from Topshop I felt very girly. I also teamed this with my spotty tote bag from Cath Kidston.

You can find similar to my dress here:

Dress from ASOS

Dress from ASOS

Anyway that is my look for today. Please come back tomorrow to see what I end up wearing tomorrow (think weather may not be as sunny).

Until then,

Lot's of love,


  1. Lovely outfit, I love the polka dot bag, it is so cute!


    1. Hi Lola. Thank you! I do love the bag too. But then I love anything from Cath Kidston! 😊 Xx

  2. Such a cute dress.. I'd wish that my mom and I had the same taste, but we really don't! :P


    1. Hi Nikoline, thank you 😊 I think my mum is grateful for my cast offs. Means she never has to go shopping. I just wear them a few times then pass them on. Least it gets more ware out of them xx


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